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#240 Simple lunch at Nakhon Thai, Bruges

restaurant review #240 – Nakhon Thai is located in the city center of Bruges, just 2 minutes from the central Market Square (Belfry). We were here for lunch a couple of months ago. We actually wanted to go to vegan restaurant De Brugsche Tafel, which is closeby, but unfortunately it was unexpectedly closed that day.

Front of Nakhon Thai, Bruges

interior, Nakhon Thai, Bruges

vegetarian menu options (beware of use of shrimp paste), Nakhon Thai, Bruges

The menu has a seperate list with vegetarian options (but beware, it also mentions a dish with shrimp paste).

After having checked for the presence of egg, milk and shrimp paste or oyster sauce, we ordered the dish with tofu and vegetables (and soy sauce) and the red curry (each 15,50€). Glass of sparkling water was 2,50€.

red curry, Nakhon Thai, Bruges

Tofu with vegetables, Nakhon Thai, Bruges

Although the curry was labelled as medium hot, it was actually a bit bland. The tofu dish was nice, and lots of vegetables, but all in all didn’t have that much flavour neither.

Toilet was in the back, ground floor and was clean. Paper towel to dry one’s hands. The restaurant room is on ground floor and accessible. Did not notice an accessible toilet.

Toilets at Nakhon Thai, Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Service was friendly, It took some time before we received the menu cards, and subsequently our order was taken, but food was served quickly after that.
We didn’t inquire about vegan desserts, so have no idea about that.
Very peculiar. The restaurant is named Nakon Thai, but the bill mentioned Golden Orchid as the restaurant’s name.

interior, Nakhon Thai, Bruges

All in all: Ok for a weekday lunch, but not really impressed.

Nakhon Thai, location
Philipstockstraat 12
8000 Brugge


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