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A look inside the new Origin’O, Bruges

Shop review #47 – Origin’O is a chain of organic stores in Flanders, with nearly 20 shops spread throughout the region. They are not supermarkets, but reasonable sized stores, with most often a good offer of vegan products. Other reviews of Origin’O shops are here on The Bruges Vegan.

The Origin’O in Bruges used to be in the Katelijnestraat, but at the end of 2017 moved to a new location. It is now at the edge of the city, in Assebroek. This is about a 30 minute walk from the heart of Bruges (Market).

After our lunch to Indian restaurant Shalimar a couple of weeks ago, which is just 2 minutes away (review will follow), we went to have a look at the new Origin’O store.

This is what it looked like a couple of months ago, before Orgin’O moved in

This what it looks like now! Origin’O, Bruges (opened Nov 2017)

The new Origin’O is very spacious, bright and modern! And we noticed the same interior design and concept as in the renovated Origin’O in Louvain (see post here).

Origin’O, Bruges

Please note that it is not a vegan shop, so not all the products on the photos are necessarily vegan. The shop does sell a lot of vegan items that are not so easily found in ‘regular’ shops (vegan yoghurt, chocolates, toothpaste…).

vegan yoghurts, Origin’O, Bruges

plant milk drinks, Origin’O, Bruges

The vegetables section is in a seperate cooled room, which I think is a good arrangement and more energy efficient.

vegetables at Origin’O, Bruges

vegetables in seperate room, Origin’O, Bruges

In the center of the shop, is a counter where one can enjoy a plat du jour and some other snacks. The chef assured us that the stew is always vegan. The stew and other freshly prepared items are also available for take-away.

Freshly made vegan bread spreads, Origin’O, Bruges

plat du jour, vegan stew, Origin’O, Bruges

selection of food which one can enjoy on site, Origin’O, Bruges

Although Origin’O already stocks a good variety of vegan products, we would love to see some more vegan options though, like vegan cheeses, and vegan icecreams!

Here are some more photos from Origin’O in Bruges, to give you an idea:

Origin’O, location
Generaal Lemanlaan 147
8000 Brugge / Bruges
050/33 31 37


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