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Vegan caviar on toast!

Recently bought this orange and black ‘vegan caviar’ in Ghent.  It’s made of – among other things – seaweed extract and guar gum (see list of ingredients on photo).
The website of the brand Vegetarian Caviar Club also lists a green version (with wasabi), but that one wasn’t available at the store (Moor & Moor).


Black and orange caviar, for sale at Moor & Moor, Ghent, 6,95€ each

Ingredients and nutritional facts vegan caviar

Ingredients and nutritional facts vegan caviar. Colouring of the orange one is with paprika

Vegan caviar

Vegan caviar

I liked this vegan caviar because of its taste, looks and texture. And of course because there are no animal rights violations involved. Traditional stealing of fish eggs from beluga or other fish for caviar involves killing the fish. This has led to the near extinction of beluga, which has prompted the development of fish farms for the production of caviar (which of course also entails environmental and animal rights issues).

I really cannot tell whether it tastes similar to fish eggs or not. I once tasted a drop of caviar in my teenage years, but the taste did not leave a lasting impression (at least not to last 30 years afterwards 😉 But for me measuring up to the ‘real thing’ is absolutely not a prerequisite.
We were both more fond of the black vegan seaweed pearls than the orange caviar, which has a peculiar taste that needs some getting used to. But it’s definitely something I want to buy again, and also serve to friends when they come over for dinner or drinks. It makes a nice present too!

Vegetarian Caviar club

bought at
Moor & Moor, location
Jakobijnenstraat 7
9000 Ghent

Vegetarian Caviar Club

Vegetarian Caviar Club


  1. de groene met wasabismaak is onze favoriet , we hebben de drie soorten een aantal maanden geleden verkocht bij Vegaverso 🙂 Heel lekker op een bagel met creamcheeze en vegan ‘zalm’ sneetjes bvb

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