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#85 – Vegan burgers at Swing Kitchen, Vienna ***

Restaurant review #85 – Swing Kitchen is a vegan fast food place in Vienna. There are actually two Swing Kitchens in Vienna: one not so far from the famous Vienna State Opera and the other near the Westbahnhof. We visited the one near the Opera house, in the Operngasse (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna).

Swing Kichcen, Operngasse, Vienna

Swing Kitchen, Operngasse, Vienna


It was a very hot couple of days in Vienna, and inside Swing Kitchen was just as hot! The menu is written on the large board above the counter. The menu consists mainly of burgers and some other fast food items (wraps, nuggets, but also salads). There are also some nice looking desserts in the counter.
We ordered our food and drink at the counter, paid, and were given a number. Communication at the counter was very brief and not quite jovial, but maybe that had to do with the fact that we spoke in English. A short while later, our number was called out (and shown on a TV-screen), and we could pick up our food at the counter.

Swing Kitchen, menu

Swing Kitchen, menu counter

some nice looking desserts in the counter

some nice looking desserts in the counter

We had a cheese burger solo (5,80€) and the menu Vienna burger (which comes with fries and a drink, 8,60 €). The swing cola was 2,40€. Very cheap!

Burgers and drinks

Burgers and drinks, total of 16,80€

The food was OK and we didn’t have to wait very long for our order. As is in many fast food places, seatings weren’t really comfortable (stools without back seating, but I guess you are not supposed to sit on them for very long!). Swing Kitchen is a modern, bright looking place (large windows), and the music makes the atmosphere reminiscent of sixties fast food places. The toilets could be cleaner (forgot to take a photo).

All in all, nice fastfood, and definitely good value for money.

Swing Kitchen, location
Operngasse 24
1040 Vienna (Austria)


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Swing Kitchen, interior

Swing Kitchen, interior

Swing Kitchen, interior

Swing Kitchen, interior


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