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Shop SHAVT, Leuven (Simply Healthy And Vegan Things)

Shop review #8 – SHAVT is a new vegan shop in Leuven. SHAVT is the acronym for “Simply Healthy And Vegan Things“. It’s located in the city center of Leuven/Louvain, and opened in 2014. Leuven is a university city near Brussels (30km) and about 130 km from Bruges.
UPDATE 2017: see below!

The Loving Hut (vegan restaurant part of a worldwide chain) is just across the street and newly open vegan sandwich bar Vegaverso is just around the corner (see our blog). Being so close to one another, these 3 places are easy to combine on a visit to Leuven.

vegan shop SHAVT, Louvain

vegan shop SHAVT, Louvain

I think SHAVT is currently only one of three all vegan shops in Belgium (the others being Vedge in Ghent and Veggieshop in Ostend, see our review). Not taking into account some grocery shops who only sell fruits and vegetables that is. It’s a small shop (not supermarket style), but has a large variety of vegan items nonetheless: from ice cream to body and care products, chocolate to cleaning products.

vegan goodies @SHAVT

vegan goodies @SHAVT

Owner Kobe has made quite a name for himself with his homemade vegan cheeses! And we were very eager to try some. So we bough the SHAVT’s herby (4€) and the SHAVT’s Classic (4,50€). And also some of his homemade cheese croquettes. All of which were delicious!

SHAVT's Herby (4€) and SHAVT's Classic (4,5€)

SHAVT’s Herby (4€) and SHAVT’s Classic (4,5€)

vegan cheese croquette (with fried potato and spinach)

vegan cheese croquette (with fried potato and spinach)

We will surely visit again on our next trip to Leuven!

SHAVT, location
Charles Deberiotstraat 2
3000 Leuven
Tel: +32 16 58 43 11

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the shop closed in 2017, now only webshop!

See our list with shops, which may interest vegans.

Some more pics from SHAVT:




  1. I have been this Tuesday & loved it too! It is small but the owner has such passion & he is creating his own raw chocolate too! 🙂 I bought my favorite vegan chocolates from fantastic foods, melted vegan milk chocolate buttons, cake mix,…etc! 🙂

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