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De Olijfboom (The Olive Tree), shop Bruges

Shop review #4 – De Olijfboom (The Olive Tree) is a small shop close to ‘t Zand. The place is packed with spices, chutneys, salts, a selection of Japanese products, vanille (from many different countries), a wide variety of olive oils and more. And not the regular brands that are available in other shops, but rare and exclusive specialities. At least, we think they are rare, because we haven’t seen any of their products available anywhere else and the owner gave us information on the exclusiveness of some of the brands.
It’s not an all vegan shop (eg some of the Japanese products contain fish), but a lot of the products are commonly used in vegan cooking.

The owner told us the majority of De Olijfboom’s clientele are restaurants and catering businesses, and there is a selection of their business cards stalled inside the shop. Among which Michelin star restaurants like Hof van Cleve*** (Kruishoutem, 53km from Bruges).

Olijfboom, Brugge

Olijfboom, Brugge

There’s a wide selection of olive oils available, bottled, but also tapped:

selection of olive oils

part of the selection of olive oils

Olive oils

Olive oils – tapped

We bought two different types of olive oil. A Portugese one, Dom Diogo (500ml, 22€) and a Treuer from the very first harvest in Mallorca (Spain) (250ml, 12€). Both are very nice and each with a very distinct flavour: the Dom Diogo is more bitter, while the Treuer is milder and soft creamy.
Also two types of harissa (10€ + 12€) and salted capers (8€) from Les Moulins Mahjoub (Tunesian).
And finally, I couldn’t resist a box of black quinoa. Yes, black! I had never seen this before, so very excited and curious to try this. Given the price of the box (25€ for 500g) we will keep it for a special occasion though! 

To give you an impression of the shop, here are some more photos:

De Olijfboom, location
Smedenstraat 58
8000 Brugge / Bruges

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Olijfboom, Brugge

Olijfboom, Brugge


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