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#2 Restaurant het Stadhuis, Oostburg (Nl) ***

Restaurant review #2 – Every year, in the beginning of October, there’s a Vegetarian restaurantweek in the Netherlands, a campaign from the Nederlandse Vegetariërsbond (Dutch Vegetarian Union). During that week, participating restaurants offer a vegetarian menu for 25 or 40 euro.
We found three participating restaurants in Zeeland (the most southern province of the Netherlands), of which one on ‘our side’ of the water (the Scheldt)! Restaurant het Stadhuis in Oostburg, not too far from Bruges (29km). 
We asked a day in advance whether it was possible to get a vegan version of the menu, and that wasn’t a problem. Super!

The vegan version of the menu was (25€):

– small appetizer of plump with cornstarch and wasabi
– salad of fruits (peer, melon, …) and balsamico + tomato and asparagus
– Empanada (pie) of couscous with sauce of minth and spicey quince
– burger of zucchini, kidneybeans and onion, grilled zucchini, chutney of zucchini, tempura cauliflower and grilled polenta
– granita of lemon and kardemon with plumps flambé

My photos didn’t turn out really well and don’t do the dishes justice (forgot to put a memory disk in the camera, so these are taken with my mobile) but you get an impression anyway. We thought it was a very nice, varied and original menu!

2013Stadhuis_oostburg1 2013Stadhuis_oostburg2
 2013Stadhuis_oostburg3  2013Stadhuis_oostburg4

Restaurant het Stadhuis in Oostburg also offers vegetarian dishes when it’s not the vegetarian restaurantweek. Vegan dishes upon request, it’s recommended to ask in advance when making the reservation.

We are very happy with this discovery not too far from home, and will surely visit again!

Het stadhuis, Oostburg, The Netherlands (distance from Bruges = 29km)

Zuidzandsestraat 7
4501 AL – Oostburg
+31 0117-450402

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and around Bruges


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