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Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas

We bought this selection of vegan chocolates on our last visit to restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven. They are made by Confiserie Jonas, a vegan chocolatier from Oudenaarde (we also bought his vegan ‘neuzekes or cuberdons, you can see those here). The leafy ones are with coconut caramel, the little bears with hazelnut praliné and the heart shaped ones with cuberdon syrup (a red raspberry candy). I especially liked the praliné ones, and the coconut caramel. The combination of cuberdon and chocolate wasn’t really my thing, although the other half of the bruges vegan happily ate all of those 🙂   Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas 4 chocolates at 2,50€ bought at Vegaverso Leuven, March 2015

Tofu croquettes with pearl couscous, beans and kuri pumpkin

These tofu croquettes are from Abinda, a company making organic vegetarian products, located no so far from Bruges in Oostkamp. I visited their factory in 2011, you can see a review from that visit on my Dutch blog here. Many of Abinda’s products are vegan. Their products are commonly sold in organic shops across Belgium. You can see the ingredients of the tofu croquettes here. Preparation of the tofucroquetes is very easy, just fry them for a couple of minutes and they are ready. These tofu croquettes are nice and crunchy, but I would like them to be a bit more creamy on the inside to make them even better. This time I served them with pearl couscous, azuki beans and uchiki kuri pumpkin from my garden topped with Mediterranean spices! Abinda tofu croquettes, 1 pack with 9 croquettes (=225g), fridge bought at Biovita Bruges, March 2015 5,54€

Sausage plaits with savoy cabbage and quinoa

We found these sausage plaits at the British shop Stonemanor in Everberg (in between Leuven en Brussels). Stonemanor sells a variety of frozen Linda McCartney products, which are unfortunately not commonly found in Belgian shops. We were happy to also discover some items that are labelled suitable for vegans. One of the things we bought was a box with two red onion and rosemary sausage plaits. The sausages in the plaits are soy based. Preparation of the plaits is very simple: brush them with a little bit of soy milk and put them in a preheated oven (200°) for 30 to 40 minutes. We had these with savoy cabbage (from our garden!) and quinoa. With some ground cashews on top of the savoy. They were quite nice. And actually very cheap (1,75€ a piece). I wouldn’t eat these every day, or every week even, but it’s a perfect thing to have at hand in the freezer when you don’t have that much time or inspiration to really cook. Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausage plaits, labelled suitable …

Vegan chocolates with mint filling: Bendicks Bittermints

A great find at British store Stonemanor in Everberg (in between Brussels & Leuven). Dark chocolates with mint filling! It has been ages since I’ve eaten after eights, and these come pretty close! The filling is not as smooth as after eights though, and the chocolate is crunchier. The Bittermints have a very strong mint taste. Lovely! The ingredients list does not mention any animal ingredients, and Bendicks list these Bittermints as suitable for vegans. Bendicks Bittermint 1 box with 22 chocolates 14,50€ bought at Stonemanor, March 2015

Vegan cuberdons or ‘neuzekes’

I had been quite a while since I last ate cuberdons. They are a typical Belgian candy, cone shaped, and called ‘neuzeke’ (a little nose). The artisanal ones are supposed to be vegan, but they are often also made using gelatine and non-vegan colouring. Confisserie Jonas, a vegan chocolatier from Oudenaarde makes vegan cuberdons! I was very happy to read they would be become available at resto Vegaverso in Leuven, as we had a trip to Leuven planned. Luckily, the cuberdons had just arrived the day we were in Vegaverso! vegan cuberdons 1 bag with 10 cuberdons, 5€ bought at Vegaverso Leuven, March 2015

Vegan Matt & Nat bags and wallet from shop Végissime

Shop review #12 – Matt & Natt is a vegan Canadian company which makes handbags, briefcases, wallets and other accessories. I had my eyes on one particular bag, but didn’t find it in Belgium. Ordering directly from the company in Canada (or other American webshops) would entail paying tens of euros to customs and taxes for import in the EU. I had often encounterd such unpleasant surprises from orders in the US in the past, so did not want to have that happen again. The Belgian branch of webshop Zalando has some products of Matt & Nat available, but not the bag, nor the colour I was looking for. I eventually found the bag I was looking for (Blinkin Citrus) on a French – Paris based vegan webshop, Vegissime. Unfortunately also with high postal costs for shipping to Belgium (15euro as opposed to free delivery within France), which I think is absurd living so close to the French border! Alas, the ‘Union’ of Europe does not extend to the postal services yet 😦 Ordering online at French webshop Vegissime and …

My new tea for one pot, bought in Bruges

I had been looking for a nice (and reasonably priced) tea for one pot for some time now. I heard there was a nice little collection for sale at Bakery Lieven, at the edge of Bruges (Sint-Andries, just outside the Smedengate). I bought this one (21€), with the matching cup (8,15€).   Taking a quick look around in the bakery, I realized how long it had been since I had set foot in a traditional bakery.

Vegan cheese croquettes YASAI!

We recently ate vegan cheese croquettes from YASAI!. This is is a homebrand of vegan shop V|edge in Ghent (our blog with a look inside shop V|edge will follow shortly). V|edge also delivers your online shopping to a delivery point in Bruges, every couple of weeks. Check their website for details. Just fry these cheese croquettes for 5 to 6 minutes at 175° in a frying pot, and they are ready to serve. These were yummie! Will definitely be buying these cheese croquettes again!   bought at V|edge, January 2015 10 frozen croquettes (500g), 13,99€

Vegan Liegeois waffles!

Unhealthy. Yes, I know. Too much sugar. Yes, I realize. Not really ‘baking’ since I’m using a premade mixture. Yes, I confess. But I just couldn’t resist this premade mixture to make vegan waffes de Liège (a type of Belgian waffles). It had been several years since I had last eaten Liegeois waffles. These waffles (non vegan unfortunately) are sold at food stalls in nearly every Belgian city. I have even spent a whole summer selling these waffles (and ice-creams) at such a food stall at the Belgian coast as a teenager, earning some pocket money. Since going vegan around 2010, I hadn’t eaten any Liegeois waffles anymore, and although I’m planning to try different recipes myself, I just couldn’t resist trying out this premade mixture for vegan Liegeois waffles. It doesn’t require much effort. Even the pearl sugar is included in the mixture. Just add 125ml lukewarm soy milk and 120g plant butter to the 500gmixture, mingle for about 5 minutes, and the dough is ready for baking. I have a waffle iron with changeable irons, and …

Tea in a box

I had been looking out for a tea box for some time. Wanted to have the different sorts of tea neatly sorted. I found it pretty unhandy, when wanting to choose a kind of tea or offering it to visitors, to take out all the seperate tea boxes. I found this one at Horeca Totaal, a large shop aimed at food professionals, just outside the city center of Bruges (review of the shop will follow). Pretty happy with this tea box! Tea box Horeca Totaal, 25,41€