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Vegan Liegeois waffles!

Unhealthy. Yes, I know. Too much sugar. Yes, I realize. Not really ‘baking’ since I’m using a premade mixture. Yes, I confess. But I just couldn’t resist this premade mixture to make vegan waffes de Liège (a type of Belgian waffles).

Vegan Liegeois waffles

Vegan Liegeois waffles

It had been several years since I had last eaten Liegeois waffles. These waffles (non vegan unfortunately) are sold at food stalls in nearly every Belgian city. I have even spent a whole summer selling these waffles (and ice-creams) at such a food stall at the Belgian coast as a teenager, earning some pocket money.
Since going vegan around 2010, I hadn’t eaten any Liegeois waffles anymore, and although I’m planning to try different recipes myself, I just couldn’t resist trying out this premade mixture for vegan Liegeois waffles.

just add lukewarm soymilk and plant butter

just add lukewarm soymilk and plant butter

It doesn’t require much effort. Even the pearl sugar is included in the mixture. Just add 125ml lukewarm soy milk and 120g plant butter to the 500gmixture, mingle for about 5 minutes, and the dough is ready for baking. I have a waffle iron with changeable irons, and I used the iron with the big squares for these Liegeois waffles, and placed two dots of dough on each side. This made 9 waffles de Liège.

Yummie! They are not quite as smooth and soft inside as the Liegeois waffles as I remember them, but they come pretty close! Will definitely be making these again!

Waffle iron with big squares

Waffle iron with big squares

vegan gauffres de Liège

vegan gaufres de Liège

Gourmet-Waffelbackmischung “Vegane Lütticher Waffel” (Belgisches Waffelhaus La Gauffre)
Bought at V|edge (Ghent), January 2015
500g, 4,99€

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  1. Dirk B. says

    Mmm, they look great. Didn’t know this brand. Thanks for the tip. Our children will definitely appreciate them.

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