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Vegan chocolates with mint filling: Bendicks Bittermints

A great find at British store Stonemanor in Everberg (in between Brussels & Leuven). Dark chocolates with mint filling!
It has been ages since I’ve eaten after eights, and these come pretty close! The filling is not as smooth as after eights though, and the chocolate is crunchier. The Bittermints have a very strong mint taste. Lovely!
The ingredients list does not mention any animal ingredients, and Bendicks list these Bittermints as suitable for vegans.

Bendicks Bittermints, vegan chocolates with mint filling

Bendicks Bittermints, vegan chocolates with mint filling

Bendicks Bittermint
1 box with 22 chocolates
bought at Stonemanor, March 2015

Bittermint chocolate

Bittermint chocolate

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  1. Secular Vegan says

    I’ve had these before, they’re addictive. Once I’ve started a box, I can’t stop 🙂

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