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#72 Vegan icecream (and more) at Bar Italiano, Ghent ***

Restaurant review #72 – After our lovely lunch at saladbar Zukini in Ghent (see my review here), we went to Bar Italiano for a vegan icecream. It is only a 5 minute walk from the Overpoortstraat. This was a bit of a trip down memory lane too, as this was the neighbourhood where we lived a couple of years as students! There were three vegan ice-cream flavours: chocolate, speculoos and mint. The ice-creams are homemade and based on rice. I went for the chocolate and mint, my friend for the speculoos and chocolate (2€ for a scoop of ice cream, so this totalled 8€). I had already tasted this icecream before, at Vegan Summerfest in 2015 (see our blogpost with the review here). And it’s really good! Afterwards, we had some tea. There’s a nice selection of teas to choose from at the counter. (2,50€ or if you combine it with an ice cream only 2,30€). There are always vegan options available at Bar Italiano (eg pastas) and on Thursday vegan specialties (like vegan lasagne). The owner was very friendly and seemed very …

Vegan chocolates with mint filling: Bendicks Bittermints

A great find at British store Stonemanor in Everberg (in between Brussels & Leuven). Dark chocolates with mint filling! It has been ages since I’ve eaten after eights, and these come pretty close! The filling is not as smooth as after eights though, and the chocolate is crunchier. The Bittermints have a very strong mint taste. Lovely! The ingredients list does not mention any animal ingredients, and Bendicks list these Bittermints as suitable for vegans. Bendicks Bittermint 1 box with 22 chocolates 14,50€ bought at Stonemanor, March 2015