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#178 Great vegan burgers at H&K’s, Brussels

restaurant review #178 – H&K’s is burger bar in the city center of Brussels. It opened in June 2017. It is about a 7-8 minute walk from La Bourse. We were here a couple of weeks ago, after we had been to a concert at the Ancienne Belgique the night before (and stayed overnight in Brussels).

front of burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

interior, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

at the entrance, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

It is not a vegan restaurant, but there are several vegan options, clearly labelled.
The waiter asked whether we had been there before (no, it was our first visit) and then came to explain how it works. He placed a selection of vegan buns on our table that we had to choose from, and further explained that we should choose our vegan burger, the sauce for the burger, garnish, vegan cheese, and sauce on the side.
The vegan burger (everything included) is 15,90€.

selection of vegan bread buns, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

vegan burgers to choose, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

other options to compose your burger, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

This was our lunch:

  • The defender juice (apple, carrot, ginger) and Virgin Mohjito (note: no alchol served at H&K’s)
  • Potiron, foccacia, fume cheese, piment veganise, rode ui, gemarineerde paprikas, and tomatoes and steakhouse fries, piment mayonaise
  • L’oriental (feve et pois chiche), paprika bread, veganaise, caramelised onions, grilled mushrooms, grilled eggplant , veganise on the side. Waffles fries.

Drinks at burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

L’Oriental with waffle fries, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

Potiron with steakhouse fries, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

We loved it! The food was really delicious! Very friendly service too. We paid about 40€ for our lunch, which we found reasonably priced!

H&K’s is a nicely renovated place. Chairs were comfortable.
The restaurant is unfortunately not accessible though (one step to get in, no accessible toilet).
Toilet was spotlessly clean, with paper towels to dry one’s hands.

menu book and interior of burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

toilets at burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

nice small cactus as wall decoration, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

nice lights, ceiling, burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

vegan burger at burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

A very nice discovery in Brussels! Absolutely recommended and definitely want to visit again.

H&K’s, location
Vlaamsesteenweg 124
1000 Bruxelles


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at the counter of burgerbar H&K’s, Brussels

Our lunch at H&K’s, Brussels


  1. That looks mind bendingly good. 🙂 I’ll be sure to check it out when I’m next in Brussells, hell, might make the journey just for the burger. Hope Steve was good, I live in hope of a new Porcupine Tree album. 🙂

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