Vegan food at hardcore festival IEPERFEST, Ypres

Ieperfest is a 3-day hardcore music festival, just outside Ypres (Ieper, 75km from Bruges, Belgium). Since day one, more than 20 years ago, all the food at Ieperfest is vegan!

It was two years ago that we went to Ieperfest (see our blogpost here), and it was a wet edition in 2014. This time, it was a beautiful Summer weekend, and we went again one afternoon to try out the vegan goodies and enjoy the atmosphere.
We tried to taste something from each foodstall, but by the end of the afternoon were too stuffed to accomplish that plan 😉
Payment for food and drinks was with tokens: we paid 66 euros for 30 tokens in total.

Food Stalls at Ieperfest
Food Stalls at Ieperfest

Our plan was to start our food trip with the Flemish stew with seitan and potatoes from the Ieperfest Hardcore Foodstall, but it was announced it was only available from 5PM onwards. Bummer! So we started with a Dutch weedburger and some ‘Wish ‘n Chips’, that latter being a new ‘algae’ based dish from TDW. Nice!

Here’s an overview of the food and drinks we had:

Mango juice from Brasuco
Mango juice from Brasuco (2,5 tokens)
The Dutch weedburger and Wish n chips
The Dutch weedburger (3,5 tokens) and Wish ‘n Chips (3 tokens +1 token deposit for the plate)


Rhubarb lemonade
Rhubarb lemonade (1 token + 1 token deposit)


Fries from the Frietketel and 'cheese' croquettes from SHAVT
Fries from the Frietketel (2 tokens + 1 token deposit)  and ‘cheese’ croquettes from SHAVT(2,5 tokens)
It was a very warm afternoon, so we had several of these (1 token each).
It was a very warm afternoon, so we had several of these (1 token each).
Pie from Madame bakster
Pie from Madame bakster (2 tokens + 1 token deposit)
Tea and coffee from Koek & Zopie (1 token each)
Tea and coffee from Koek & Zopie (1 token each)
Waffle from Viva Vega Loving Hut Express, 1 token
Waffle from Viva Vega Loving Hut Express, 1 token
Icecream from Icy V
Icecream from Icy V – peach and banana (2 tokens)
and another icecream (it was a hot day! :-D
and another icecream from Icy V – lime and banana (it was a hot day! 😀 2 tokens)

We didn’t have a slice of pizza this time, but a friend did, so of course I wanted a photo (thank you 😉

Pizza from the Iper hardcore foodstall, 2 tokens
Pizza from the Ieper Hardcore Foodstall, 1,5 tokens


Here are some more photos from the food stalls.

There is also a ‘More than Music’ hall, where you can watch documentaries, listen to and participate in debates, meet several NGO’s and buy merchandise (T-shirts, pins, stickers). And another tent with music and merchandise from the bands. There are also several couches in the More than Music hall to take a break.

Bought this T-Shirt from Hunt Saboteurs Association (20€)
Bought this T-Shirt from Hunt Saboteurs Association (20€)

Ieperfest is also renowded for being one of the greenest festivals, with for example a clear recycling policy, compost toilets, seperate waste bins for different items. Not only the festival site is remarkably clean (no carpets of plastic cups like one sees at most other festivals) but the same goes for the camping site: campers are encouraged to leave the camping place clean and tidy and take everything with them (see this photo after the festival and the contrast with a ‘regular’ festival camping site).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ieperfest 2016
Ieperfest 2016

Ow, and of course there was lots of music too. We listened to several bands, but as I am not really into hardcore, I cannot make any senseable comments about the music, just that it was very loud! 😉
There are plenty of photos of the bands in this blogpost from LegendArising, and there’s a photo of the two of us in that gallery too (while eating of course, what else 😉 ) See if you can spot us!

Ieperfest, location
3 day festival, every year, mid August
Crossroads of Poperingseweg and Hazewindestraat
8900 Ieper (Ypres)




      1. Hello Trudi, I am sorry to say that I do not have a blog, I am just your follower, you do a great job, thank you for your work. Kind regards from Berlin, Elisabeth

  1. I am gutted I missed this! I’m visiting Ypres this weekend and worried about where I can eat out and find vegan food! Anyone who knows the area and could help? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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