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#20 Restaurant Lan Na Thai, Mechelen **

Restaurant review #20 – Lan Na Thai is a Thai restaurant in the center of Mechelen (Malines). It’s about a big 5 minute walk from the market place. (** See NOTE at bottom of post)
We made a reservation for a Saturday evening, at 7PM. Good thing we made a reservation, because the restaurant soon filled, and the owner had to refuse several patrons. It’s not a big restaurant (I’m guessing about 20 to 25 seats) and tables are placed pretty close to each other.
Update  – see below – 

The menu on their website mentions several vegetarian dishes separately, of which most seem to be vegan. We asked whether the vegetarian dishes we ordered did not contain any dairy or egg, and the waitress confirmed – although seemingly a bit confused by our question at first – that they didn’t. Nonetheless we did get a bowl of prawn crackers as a free appetizer, not really reassuring. Let’s hope the staff in the kitchen was more knowledgeable (one is of course never 100% sure when dining out that everything served is vegan).

We had these dishes at Lan Na Thai:

  • Tom Yam Hed (soup with mushrooms, lemonjuice and chili), 6,50€
  • Phaenaeng Had, Tao-Hoe (sauce from red curry paste and peanuts, with mushrooms and tofu), 14,20€ with fried rice, 1€
  • Gaeng Phed Sapparod, Tao-Hoe (Red chilli curry paste with coconutmilk, pineapple, tofu and mushrooms), 15€ with rice noodles, 1,50€
soup with mushrooms, lemonjuice and chili, 6,50€

soup with mushrooms, lemonjuice and chili, 6,50€


Red chilli curry paste with coconutmilk, pineapple, tofu and mushrooms, 15€ with rice noodles, 1,50€

Red chilli curry paste with coconutmilk, pineapple, tofu and mushrooms, 15€ with rice noodles, 1,50€


Our overall impressions: Service rather clumsy (dropping things, unattentfull and for longer times not present in the restaurant room). Bit outdated interior and when the resto is full, it’s really crowded.
Food was good. The dishes were not nearly as spicy as indicated on the menu, but we liked it nonetheless. A bit more expensive compared to other Thai restaurants which we have visited over the years.

Lan Na Thai, location
Frederik de Merodestraat 58
2800 Mechelen

** NOTE Update – Jan 2015: we have recently been told by someone who visited this restaurant that Lan Na Thai apparently uses fish sauce in most vegetarian dishes. So be warned!

** Update: reportedly closed Feb 2018.

vegetarian dishes, Lan Na thai, mechelen

vegetarian dishes, Lan Na thai, mechelen

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  1. Wendy says

    La na thai hebben op hun kaart een hele lijst vegetarische gerechten staan. Ik was dus blij, want ik dacht ik vraag het gewoon zonder ei en dan is het vegan. Maar voor de zekerheid vroeg ik : ” Er zit toch ook geen vissaus in?” Ik viel bijna van mijn stoel toen de eigenaar zei dat in alle vegetarische gerechten wel degelijk vissaus zat. Dat zit standdaard in de sausen. Gelukkig was er 1 gerecht dat ze wel zonder vissaus konden maken, anders zat ik daar zonder eten samen met familie! Ik vind zoiets ronduit schanddalig en ik zou hem dus zeker niet aan veganisten aanraden

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