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Vegan baking for the Vegan Challenge

I haven’t posted many entries on The Bruges Vegan lately, because I was busy posting a series a vegan baking recipes on our other blog In April 2015, I posted a vegan baking recipe daily, to match the Vegan Challenge (a campagne of the Dutch organisation NVV). So all in all 30 recipes for pies, cookies and muffins! We’ve been vegan for quite some years now, and I’ve baked many goodies in that time, so I thought it would be a good occasion to show newbie vegans or those trying a vegan lifestyle that baking pies, cupcakes and cookies without animal ingredients is … easy as pie! 🙂 Some of the recipes were already posted on the Bruges Vegan, and some other are favourites of mine or recipes which I consider to be good introductions into the world of vegan baking. You can see the overview of all recipes in this blogentry on Here are some more pictures.       I’ll be posting some of the vegan baking recipes here too in the upcoming months!

#34 Our lunch at vegan restaurant Vegaverso (2), Leuven *****

Restaurant review #34 – This was our second visit to vegan restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven, which opened only a couple of months ago. We already blogged about Vegaverso here, and in that blog you can also see photos from Vegaverso’s interior. Vegaverso is the second all vegan restaurant in town (the other one is the Loving Hut), and just around the corner from vegan shop SHAVT. We were there for a quick lunch. We had these juices from isis, bitter lemon and apple sparkle, 2,50€ each. — UPDATE – see below — As we had both eaten sandwiches on our previous visit to Vegaverso, we wanted to try the burgers. We had a de luxe burger soft (8€) and a smokey burger (8,90€) with a bowl of salad on the side (don’t remember the price of that). The ‘bacon’ in the smokey burger tasted creepingly real! Or as real as we both could remember what bacon actually tastes like (being nearly 20 years ago that we both had eaten any). The burgers are huge (for the record, you can also …

Fall and Winter harvest from our garden

In the Fall of 2014 we had plenty of raspberries and bramberries. It’s the first year our (still rather small) fig tree produced a dozen or 2 figs! And we had buckets and buckets of walnuts from our walnut tree. I keep them in a dry place, and about 2-3 months after harvesting, I start peeling them and keep them in glass jars. Easy to have some walnuts at hand for baking, or just whenever you feel like eating some. One of our poplar trees is producing oyster mushrooms. It’s very nice to have free oyster mushrooms from the garden, but unfortunately this also means the tree is slowly dying. We had several cauliflowers. It’s already January, but we are still harvesting some vegetables from our garden. There are still some Brussels sprouts, leeks, and also kale and als some root vegetables: parsnip, root persley and red beets. And still also corn salad!