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#237 Vegan lunch at the beach: Pele Surf Shack, Hoek van Holland (NL)

restaurant review #237 – Pele Surf Shack is an all vegan beach place. It opened in the Spring of 2019. From the parking area, it’s about a 5-10 minute walk to the beach. Then at the end, Pele Surf Shack is on your left. We were here for lunch in May. Pele Surf Shack is a nice spacious place, with tropical vibes. It also has a large outdoor terrace, looking at the beach and the sea. It was still a bit too chilly to sit outdoors (and windy), so we sat inside.

#84 Lunch on the beach promenade at Bottarga, Ostend **

Restaurant review #84 – Bottarga is a traditional restaurant in city center of Ostend, on the beach promenade, near the Casino Kursaal. I had seen Bottarga mentioned on social media as one of the restaurants where one can have a vegan meal, and on their website I could see there are two vegetarian dishes on their menu – which seemed possibly vegan or easy to veganise. I telephoned to inquire and received confirmation that the dishes did not contain any egg, dairy. So I made the reservation for lunch later that week and specified again that we are both vegan. We were quickly seated and inquired again about the vegan options. The waitress said the noodles contain egg, so they would serve the vegetable ragout with rice. The other dish was a Thai red curry with vegetables. We did not spot any vegan appetizers on the menu, or any dishes that could easily be veganised, nor were given any suggestions, so we just ordered a main dish. For drinks we had a tonic (2,80€) and a fresh orange juice (4,50€). Our drinks and lunch were …