A look inside organic shop Origin’O, Louvain

Shop review #34 – Origin’O is a chain of organic stores in Flanders, with nearly 20 shops spreaded throughout the region. They are not supermarkets, but reasonable sized stores, with most often a good offer of vegan products.
There is also an Origin’O is Bruges (see one of the earliest posts on The Bruges Vegan).  The one in Bruges will be moving to a bigger location soon, at the edge of the city (see pic below).

Whenever we are visiting another city, we like to check out the vegan and/or organic stores to see what they have on offer. I’ve been to the Origin’O in Louvain (near Brussels) a couple of times before, and on our last visit, I took some pics.
Please note that it is not a vegan shop, so not all the products on the photos are necessarily vegan. The shop does sell a lot of vegan items that are not so easily found in ‘regular’ shops (vegan yoghurt, tempeh, chocolates, cakes, toothpaste…).

A look inside Origin’O, Louvain
A look inside Origin’O, Louvain

The vegetables and fruits section is in a seperate cooled room, which I think is a good arrangement and more energy efficient.

vegetables in seperate room, Origin’O, Louvain

Some of the vegan products on offer in the fridges:

vegan cheezes, Origin’O, Louvain
Bread spreads, Origin’O, Louvain
vegan ‘yoghurts’, Origin’O, Louvain

There’s also a bakery section counter with some vegan labelled items:

Bread spreads in the counter, Origin’O, Louvain
Vegan cake, Origin’O, Louvain
Bakery section, Origin’O, Louvain

Origin’O Leuven, location
Craenendonck 5
3000 Leuven


See our list of shops, which may interest vegans.

Opening soon at the edge of Bruges (Assebroek): Origin’O (moving from Katelijnestraat to this new location)


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