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Farmer switches to veganic farming and gives cows to sanctuary

I find this one of the most inspiring stories of the last years. Although there’s no shortage of positive stories about veganism in mainstream media (about the numbers of vegans growing, vegan celebrities or the increasing offer of vegan products), most of these focus on the consumption side of the spectrum.
There are far less stories from the other side, being the production side. And in the end, when it comes to the food aspect of veganism, that’s what it’s all about: ending the use of animals in food production. Making farmers choose vegan options, switching to veganic farming (without the use of any animal products, like manure).

Jay Wilde, a 59 year old vegetarian farmer from Derbyshire (UK) inherited the farm when his dad died in 2011. He couldn’t bear to send the cows to slaughter anymore and has donated about 60 cows to a vegan sanctuary. And is now switching to veganic vegetable farming.
I’m relieved to have made the decision to no longer farm animals, something which I always found quite upsetting,” he said.
His story was also featured on Countryfile this weekend, a popular TV show on the BBC.

screenshot BBC website, click photo for video and link

Jay Wilde, photo from The Vegan Society

Vegetarian Beef farmer gives herd to animal sanctuary, BBC, June 13, 2017,

The Beef farmer rescuing his cows from the slaughterhouse, VIDEO, BBC, July 3, 2017,

Vegetarian ‘beef farmer’ donates cows to sanctuary and start a vegan farm, The Vegan Society, June 16, 2017,

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