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A sandwich à la vegan

Last week, I had to go to Leuven for an educational course for work. A whole day training, and lunch was included. I asked in advance whether I could have a vegan lunch, and the organisation replied they’d forwarded my message to the caterer.

Situations like these are always a bit exciting, but worrying at the same time. I took two energy bars with me, just in case.
The slide with the day’s agenda mentioned we would be served a sandwich lunch. Surely they could manage that?

Lunch break. Everyone left the conference room, towards the table with the sandwiches.
Above all other sandwiches on the windowstill, and clearly noticeable to everyone, was a plate with a sandwich ‘veganist’ (the Dutch word for ‘a vegan person’*).
Two sandwiches actually, with a label with clearly written ‘VEGANIST’ next to it. I couldn’t miss 🙂  That’s mine!

Broodje veganist

Sandwich ‘veganist’

Nothing very culinary exciting, but all in all nice they made an effort! One sandwich was with some sort of guacamole, the other one with a salad and dressing.

The times, they are (slowly) changing …

* Note:
While in English, “vegan” is used both as an adjective (a vegan sandwich) and noun (a vegan), in Dutch there is a difference:
a vegan sandwich = een veganistische sandwich
a vegan
(person) = een veganist

I published this post previously on my Dutch blog here.

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  1. An encouraging sign, indeed! In these cases, I’m just thrilled that there’s a vegan option at all, so matter how plain or simple. Besides, it’s hard to complain about guacamole in any situation. 🙂

  2. Things are definitely changing! I had a short stay in a hospital a while ago and they quickly sorted out meals for me. What’s more, is that when I went to the canteen, they had a whole range of specialised vegan sandwiches for purchase! I hadn’t had a packaged sandwich for so long it took a long time getting in:) I also noticed that when I had my soya milk, about 80% of the nurses told me they now had plant milks instead of dairy! All very hopeful signs.

    • Oh, the canteen of a hospital having vegan sandwiches available? Great!
      I don’t think we’re quite there in Belgium :-O

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