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Linda McCartney sausages

We found these sausages at the British shop Stonemanor in Everberg (in between Leuven en Brussels). Stonemanor sells a variety of frozen Linda McCartney products, which are unfortunately not commonly found in Belgian shops. We were happy to also discover some items that are labelled suitable for vegans. One of the things we bought were these boxes with sausages.

Linda McCartney sausages, 3,25€

Linda McCartney sausages, 3,25€

The sausages are wheat based, and tasted quite good. We just baked them in a pan, with some onions rings, and served them in a bun with some tomato sauce, with iceberg salad on the side.
A real fast food snack. But delicious nonetheless. I wish Stonemanor was closer by, I think we would buy these on a regular basis.

Linda McCartney sausage, with fried onions, bread and iceberg lettuce

Linda McCartney sausage, with fried onions, bread and iceberg lettuce

Linda McCartney sausages, labelled suitable for vegans
1 box with six sausages, frozen, 3,25€
bought at Stonemanor, March 2015

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  1. I love those sausages, even if they contain palm oil, I admit! I wish Linda McCarteney would produce more suitable for vegans products because they are soooooo good ( except if you forget about the palm oil issue of course;) )

    • I agree, the production of palm oil had devasting ecological impact. As does the large scale production of wheat, tea, coffee, grapes, coconut, cane, soy, … It’s not always easy to make the ‘right’ decisions in buying products, but I’m trying.

  2. They’re a little greasy, but really satisfying and one of the only vegan sausages you can get in most supermarkets in the UK.

  3. Mix the tomato sauce with a bit of sriracha and sweet chili sauce for a really great accompaniment.

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