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Finding vegan goodies. A visit to Asian Supermarket Circle, Leuven

Shop review #15 – On one of our recent visits to Leuven, we discovered Circle, an Asian shop in the Brusselsestraat (no website). On the front window it is labelled as being an Asian supermarket but it is not really that big. Big enough though to look around for about half an hour. We only had about 10 minutes and we weren’t looking for anything in particular. So we just strolled around the shop, out of curiosity. I find it nice to discover new vegan items in a shop I’ve never been to before! Here are some of the items that caught my eye: And some of the dried mushrooms/seaweeds: Some more impressions from the shop Circle itself: Asian Supermarket Circle, location Brusselsestraat 114 3000 Leuven – Louvain 016/43 35 52

Tofu croquettes with pearl couscous, beans and kuri pumpkin

These tofu croquettes are from Abinda, a company making organic vegetarian products, located no so far from Bruges in Oostkamp. I visited their factory in 2011, you can see a review from that visit on my Dutch blog here. Many of Abinda’s products are vegan. Their products are commonly sold in organic shops across Belgium. You can see the ingredients of the tofu croquettes here. Preparation of the tofucroquetes is very easy, just fry them for a couple of minutes and they are ready. These tofu croquettes are nice and crunchy, but I would like them to be a bit more creamy on the inside to make them even better. This time I served them with pearl couscous, azuki beans and uchiki kuri pumpkin from my garden topped with Mediterranean spices! Abinda tofu croquettes, 1 pack with 9 croquettes (=225g), fridge bought at Biovita Bruges, March 2015 5,54€