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Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas

We bought this selection of vegan chocolates on our last visit to restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven. They are made by Confiserie Jonas, a vegan chocolatier from Oudenaarde (we also bought his vegan ‘neuzekes or cuberdons, you can see those here). The leafy ones are with coconut caramel, the little bears with hazelnut praliné and the heart shaped ones with cuberdon syrup (a red raspberry candy). I especially liked the praliné ones, and the coconut caramel. The combination of cuberdon and chocolate wasn’t really my thing, although the other half of the bruges vegan happily ate all of those 🙂   Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas 4 chocolates at 2,50€ bought at Vegaverso Leuven, March 2015