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Pinnacle of speciesism: when an animal is reduced to her function or yield   Animals are not ‘egg’, ‘bacon’, ‘wool’ or ‘milk’, but each and every one sentient feeling beings, who can suffer pain, each with their own individuality. Spotted in a shop in Valkenburg (the Netherlands)

About smoking doctors and milk indoctrination

Last week, several articles in Belgian and Dutch media reported about the positive effects of drinking (cow) milk. One of the main Belgian newspapers, De Standaard, had this headline ‘Professor debunks myth. Milk is required. Milk is good for you.’ (Prof ontkracht mythe, melk moet, melk doet je goed). These articles followed a press conference organised by the Belgian Confederation of the Dairy Industry, in which it wanted to invalidate several ‘myths’ about drinking milk. These ‘myths’ clearly referred to the statements of health organisations and animal rights organisations that milk is absolutely not necessary for humans. In recent times, scientific research has shown that milk is absolutely not necessary for healthy bones (on the contrary even, some studies lead to suggest that consumption of milk might enhance osteoporosis). We can get all nutrients found in cow’s milk, from plant based foods. Furthermore, a large part of the human population is even lactose intolerant. Humans do not need cow milk, just as they do not need camel milk, dog milk or elephant milk. Not to mention the negative impact of …

Zaboer Asian Food, shop Bruges

Shop review #1 – After our restaurant visit to restaurant Chang Ton Thai (review will follow) we accidentally stumbled upon this Asian shop just around the corner, next to ‘t Zand: Zaboer Asian Food. Quite a surprise, also because it was still open at 21:30 (which is quite unusual for shops in Belgium, most close at about 6 or 7 pm). UPDATE: see below! It’s not very big, but has some specialities which are not so common to find, and may interest vegans: a wide variety of dried beans and lentils, some brands of coconutmilk that I’ve never seen before, and a good collection of spices and herbs (eg, I saw different kinds of kardemon pods, which are not so commonly available in regular shops around here). A bit messy and untidy place though, not all items were clearly labelled. Also noticed some items which were past their expiry date, eg a tiny flacon of coconut extract (yeah! never found this before!) which was a bit overdue, and as such I got it for free, thanks! …