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Fall and Winter harvest from our garden

In the Fall of 2014 we had plenty of raspberries and bramberries. It’s the first year our (still rather small) fig tree produced a dozen or 2 figs! And we had buckets and buckets of walnuts from our walnut tree. I keep them in a dry place, and about 2-3 months after harvesting, I start peeling them and keep them in glass jars. Easy to have some walnuts at hand for baking, or just whenever you feel like eating some. One of our poplar trees is producing oyster mushrooms. It’s very nice to have free oyster mushrooms from the garden, but unfortunately this also means the tree is slowly dying. We had several cauliflowers. It’s already January, but we are still harvesting some vegetables from our garden. There are still some Brussels sprouts, leeks, and also kale and als some root vegetables: parsnip, root persley and red beets. And still also corn salad!

The last harvest from the veg garden

Past Winter has been exceptionally mild in Belgium. We hardly had any frost nor snow. Which was a good thing for the remaining vegetables in our veg garden! And we are now enjoying lovely Spring weather! We’re now harvesting the last vegetables from last year and preparing the veg garden for a new season. I harvested plenty of kale (boerenkool), parsnip, celery and leeks. Remarkably, the parsley has survived Winter and is starting to grow again. Don’t really know whether these parsley plants will produce again this season. I’ll keep some and sow some new ones in another plot of the veg garden. Garlic which we planted last Fall is looking good! Rhubarb is also growing nicely.  

#12 restaurant ‘t Jong Gerecht, Bruges ***

Restaurant review #12 – ‘t Jong Gerecht is located in the Langestraat near the Kruispoort. The restaurant is run by staff who are all in their early twenties (hence their name ‘Jong’ = young). The restaurant’s name also refers to the Court House (= Het Gerecht) opposite to the restaurant and ‘gerecht’ also means ‘a dish’. (2019: SEE UPDATE BELOW) I mailed ‘t Jong Gerecht a couple of weeks before, to ask whether we could get a vegan menu (explaining what we do and don’t eat). They swiftly replied that this was not a problem, since they also for example use algae (agar agar) as a binding agent. They do advise to make the reservation two days in advance, so they can take our vegan wishes into account. And so we did. We were there on a Thursday evening. At 7 o’ clock, we were standing with two other parties at the entrance of the restaurant (it was a bit chilly, so not so pleasant). We waited a bit at the closed door, and when I saw the …

Homemade: braised seitan, kale, brussels sprouts and sundried tomatoes

This is a pretty straightforward one pot meal, which doesn’t take too much work. And with kale from our garden! It is from one of our favourite cookbooks Veganomicon (Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero). You can serve it with couscous or quinoa, or even with rice if you prefer. Kale is not so easy to find in Belgian shops (‘boerenkool’ in Dutch), so we grow it ourselves! It is a winter vegetable, and this variety (Westlandse Winter) can stand frost. We haven’t had a hard winter in Belgium this year. In fact, we haven’t had any real ‘freezing’ day at all, which is a new record again. Still plenty of kale in our garden. These are the ingredients for “braised seitan, brussels sprouts, kale and sundried tomatoes”: 2 tbs olive oil 6 shallots, sliced 2 cups seitan (homemade is the best!), in pieces 1/2 pound Brussels sprouts, quartered (= 2 cups) 4 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 ts dried thyme 1/2 ts dried basil 1/4 ts dried tarragon 1/2 ts salt pinches ground black pepper 1/2 …