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I’m now also on Instagram!

I finally made an account on Instagram! I will mostly be posting photos of vegan products, impressions of restaurant visits, things I see on the road, pictures from my garden and of course photos from in my kitchen. I’ll still be posting reviews and other thoughts on my blog of course, either here or on our Dutch blog (or sometimes on both). My account is trudi_brugesvegan Are you on instagram? Let me know! Do you have any tips about instagram (which hashtags to use, etc), please tell me, as I am a total newbie 😉

Walnuts from our tree in the garden

Each year, we have plenty of walnuts from the walnut tree in our garden. Although it is still a rather young tree (about 25 to 30 years old), it produces buckets and buckets full of walnuts. We don’t know what variety of walnut it is, as the tree was already in the garden when we moved here. Upon collecting the walnuts from the garden in the Fall (end of September and October), I usually place the nuts inside (heated room) for a week or two, so they can dry properly and turn them every day. Afterwards, I move them to the cellar, where it’s cool and dry. Every once in a while, I shell some walnuts and store the shelled nuts in a jar, ready for use in baking or other recipes. They need to be properly dried to store them like this, you can’t do this when you’ve freshly harvested them from the outside. I like to have some walnuts shelled and readily available, so I can just eat a handfull of them whenever I feel like it! See recipes with walnuts …

Fall and Winter harvest from our garden

In the Fall of 2014 we had plenty of raspberries and bramberries. It’s the first year our (still rather small) fig tree produced a dozen or 2 figs! And we had buckets and buckets of walnuts from our walnut tree. I keep them in a dry place, and about 2-3 months after harvesting, I start peeling them and keep them in glass jars. Easy to have some walnuts at hand for baking, or just whenever you feel like eating some. One of our poplar trees is producing oyster mushrooms. It’s very nice to have free oyster mushrooms from the garden, but unfortunately this also means the tree is slowly dying. We had several cauliflowers. It’s already January, but we are still harvesting some vegetables from our garden. There are still some Brussels sprouts, leeks, and also kale and als some root vegetables: parsnip, root persley and red beets. And still also corn salad!