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Sandwiches for the feast of St. Nicholas: ‘klaaskoeken’ – vegan

‘Klaaskoeken’ are not really cookies, but more sandwich like breads. I could not find a proper English translation for it! They are traditionally eaten in Western-Flanders (most in the south of the province) around the period of Saint-Nicholas. (Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas is on December 6, a date when children in many countries (especially Netherlands, Belgium) wake up to find toys and candy that Saint Nicholas on his horse and his helpers have brought to their homes, through the chimney – as the legend goes. The sandwiches mostly take the shape of a horse ( calles ‘kloajspèrden’) or a man or another figure (we also make ducks). Whether you particpate in this children’s feast or not, they are delicious! One eats them with a bit of ‘butter’, or with bread spead. It’s very rare to find vegan ‘klaaskoeken’, so we experimented. Note: this recipe calls for advanced preparation: the dough needs time to rise.  

Finding vegan goodies. A visit to British shop Stonemanor, Everberg

Shop review #17 – Stonemanor is a large British Store, where you can find a lot of products that are regularly sold in British shops, but which may be more difficult to find in regular Belgian shops. It is in between Brussels and Leuven, on the outskirts of the community of Everberg (120km from Bruges). There’s also a Stonemanor shop in Waterloo. We were there a couple of montsh ago, on our route to Leuven (Louvain), and took some time to discover the shop. Food items are downstairs, on the first floor you can find books (no vegan cookbooks though), baking tools, culinary decoration, posters etc, and on the top floor beds and accessories (didn’t verify if any of it was vegan). To be clear: it is not a vegan shop, nor an organic shop, but since it does sell many items that are not regularly found on the Belgian market, there are also some vegan goodies to be found here that are not so common in Belgian shops. There are some vegan products available in the frozen …

A visit to cooking shop Bianca Bonte, Oostburg (Nl)

Shop review #14 – We found shop Bianca Bonte in Oostburg a couple of years ago, when looking for a juicer. Although across the border in the Netherlands, it was at that time the closest shop where we found a Versapers slowjuicer (= a Hurom juicer).  Oostburg is only 29km from Bruges. On a previous visit to Oostburg, we had a vegan dinner at restaurant Het Stadhuis. There’s also a Chinese restaurant in Oostburg (Ocean city) with some items on the menu card which may be vegan. Want to check it out next time! Cooking shop Bianca Bonte is located in the main shopping street of Oostburg (and Oostburg is not that big, so it’s easy to find). The store has all kinds of kitchen tools and machines, pots and pans, juicers and mixers. They also hold workshops, but haven’t seen anything on the agenda specifically focused on vegan cooking. There’s also a selection of bulk tea available, and some olive oils. A large selection of cooking books, but the only vegan one I could find was ‘De dunne vegan’. And …