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#15 Restaurant Rosenobel, Antwerp ***

Restaurant review #15 – Rosenobel just opened a couple of months ago. It was announced in several media as being a vegetarian restaurant, although they also serve non-veg items. On their website they state to have a ‘vegetarian inspired kitchen’. We had already emailed to ask whether they also have vegan items standardly available and got an affirmative reply. Great! The restaurant is located at the foot of the cathedral in Antwerp, and although we knew this, we walked by several times in search for this restaurant. There is no sign on the front wall with the name of the restaurant, and given the lounge seatings behind the front windows it’s not really apparent this is a restaurant. To be clear and prevent you from wandering in the cold like we did: if you are facing the front entrance of the cathedral, restaurant Rosenobel is located on your left. We were there for lunch on a Saturday and the restaurant was remarkably quiet (just one other table besides us). Vegan items are not indicated on the menu …

#13 Restaurant De broers van Julienne, Antwerp **

Restaurant review #13 – De Broers van Julienne is a restaurant in Antwerp well-known for its many vegetarian options. They mainly work with organic ingredients. Several sites list this as a vegetarian restaurant, but it is not (also serves fish). It also has some vegan options standardly available. I had been to De broers van Julienne on my own a couple of years ago, and wasn’t really impressed. It was on a cold snowy winter day, and although I had hoped to warm myself in the restaurant, it was unpleasantly cold inside. Don’t know whether their heating system was broke or if it was always like that, but there was a small heater placed in the middle of the room, that really couldn’t heat the spacious place. I remember a waitress who could hardly speak any Dutch, and replied to my question whether a certain dish was vegan: “gluten free?”. It wasn’t that reassuring and I can’t even remember what I had for lunch at that visit. I did remember the uncomfy chairs and slow …

shop Antwerps Kookhuis, Antwerp

Shop review #5 – Looking for a special silicone baking mold? A set of professional kitchen knives? A juicer, blender, coffee machine or other kichen tools? Antwerps Kookhuis is a shop I like to visit whenever I’m in Antwerp. I’ve found many items here, that I haven’t found in other cooking shops in Belgium. From the outside windows the shop doesn’t look very big, but inside you encounter many different rooms, packed with baking and cooking material. They also have a large selection of cook books, but hardly any vegan cookbooks (that would be my only minus about the shop 😉 Some more photos from Antwerps Kookhuis: On my last visit, I bought these items: molds for chocolates (each 7.95€ and one 11.95€) and a muffin plate with bundt shapes (34.95€): Antwerps Kookhuis is about a 15-20 minute walk from the city center (City Hall – Cathedral). Antwerps Kookhuis, location Terninckstraat 1 2000 Antwerpen 03/226.98.98 See our list with shops, which may interest vegans