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A look inside Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

Shop review #45 – Zonder Meer is an organic, ‘low package’, fair shop in the center of Kortrijk. It opened just a couple of months ago.  The name of the shop literally translates as ‘without more’, referring to the waiste reduction aims of the shop.

front of shop, Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

inside the shop, toys, books, Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

grains, nuts, to fill yourself, Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

We visited the shop a couple of weeks ago, after our lunch at De KleinKeuken.
There’s a large selection of nuts, grains and seeds in bulk. Also cleaning products, toys and gift cards, wines (also vegan ones: Giol) and beers, books and a variety of teas.  And one can ‘grind’ grains to make flour yourself.
Also some vegetarian dishes in the fridge to take away (like bread spread, seitan), of which some are vegan (clearly labelled as such).

We bought some pecans, rice and lentils mix and basmatic rice (we had brought some paper bags).

A nice addition to Kortrijk! If Zonder Meer were closer, would definitely visit regularly!

Bought some pecans, rice and lentils mix and basmatic rice (we had brought some paper bags). Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

Johan from Zonder Meer, Kortrijk

Zonder Meer, location
Rijselstraat 51


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