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Halloween: horror in a candy bag

Tonight is Halloween and many children will go from door to door, dressed up for a ‘trick or treat’ game. An evening with a pleasantly disturbed horror atmosphere for young – and maybe also some not so young. Like it or not, there’s no escaping it!

But the real horror is hidden in the candy bag. This clip shows the origin of candy:

Over eten – De weg van een snoepje from Eén on Vimeo (2016)

Gelatine is the main ingredient of a lot of sweets and is made from ‘offal’: the skins, bones and cartilage of – mainly – pigs.

Of course there are plenty of animal friendly treats and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to spread the vegan message. There are many vegan labelled sweets and chocolates (eg. GoddyGoodstuff and pralines from Belvas).
Or you can bake something yourself and make vegan cookies (see recipe for these animal cut out cookies). Or even more healthy, make some packages with dried fruit!

From The Belgian TV-show 'Over Eten' (About Food): Van snoep tot varken (From candy to Pig) (2016). 

From The Belgian TV-show ‘Over Eten’ (About Food): Van snoep tot varken (From candy to Pig) (2016).

Over Eten: De weg van Gelatine, van snoep tot varken (2016)

diversity at Halloween

diversity at Halloween


  1. Try the Peta website they list the best vegan friendly candies! What we do is go through my son’s bag and take out the gross stuff and he trades it in for dried fruit and pectin based Gummi’s. Then we give the other stuff to the neighbors kids😃

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