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Want some kale? Our 2015 veg harvest and lessons learned!

Our garden has produced plenty of fruits and vegetables this year! I planned on putting together a quick blogpost with a collection of harvest photos that I have posted on Instagram the last couple of months. When looking up the photos of vegetables and fruits, it turns out I posted quite a few pics from our 2015 harvest! It’s quite the collection. And I don’t even take a pic of every harvest from the garden 😉

Vegetable garden, Summer 2015

Vegetable garden, Summer 2015. Beneath the veils are the cabbages. Haricots in front. Leeks – pumpkins upper left. Leafy greens and sweet corn upper right.

This is the evolution of the cabbages, from seeding – seedlings – to harvest!

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An overview of the fruits:

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And other things grown in our garden:

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Lessons learned:

  • most pumpkins DO need a couple of square meters. so do not squeeze another plant in there, they will be too close together!
  • 3 courgette plants (zucchinis) produces way more zucchinis than the two of us can handle 😀
  • cauliflower and romanescu are the more difficult cabbages. Brussels sprouts, red and savoy cabbage are relatively easy, kale is very easy to grow.
  • thin the carrots in time, when they are still very small, or even, don’t seed them so close
  • seed less leafy vegetables. Although we love our salads, we do not eat buckets full of them, and one can only make that much lettuce soup!
  • I want more sweet corn!
  • find something to keep the mice (?) from eating the pea seeds. I love you darlings, and I don’t mind sharing, but it’s no fun if you take all my pea seedlings (my 3rd attempt was more or less succesful).
  • keep an eye on the fennel to harvest it in time! Otherwise you end up with one hard chewy stem.
way too much leafy greens!

way too much leafy greens! (and this was only half of them)

How do we keep and store all these vegetables? Some are of course eaten right a way, others go in the freezer, we also do a lot of canning (the old fashioned way – with weck jars) and the potatoes and nuts are just stored in our cellar! And yes, our cellar is pretty well stocked, you can take a peek into it in this short video HERE.

I plan to write a blogpost with some generals tips about canning (wecking) in the upcoming months!

Vegetable garden. The big stems are from Jerusalem artichoke

Vegetable garden. Peppers in front. Cabbages beneath veil and in middle. The big stems are Jerusalem artichoke.

a varied harvest from our veg garden!

a varied harvest from our veg garden!

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  1. Peter Schreiner says

    Fabulous garden! And I think what I heard is the mice are collecting more than their share of the nature tax. 🙂

  2. Ik heb nog steeds zo veel bewondering voor jullie moestuin! Echt om jaloers op te zijn :-).
    Hier hebben we ook ondervonden dat aan twee courgetteplantjes véél courgettes groeien en dat wortels best uitgedund worden. Erwtjes willen wij volgend jaar proberen, dus daar doen we best een net over dan?

    • Ik weet nog niet goed hoe ik het ga aanpakken. Als het echt van muizen komt (denk ik toch – want zie nooit duiven in de moestuin) dan denk ik dat die gewoon onder een net zullen graven. Heb nog een paar maanden om met een goed plan op de proppen te komen 😉

      • bobobrussels says

        Dit jaar een terrein gekocht, we gaan bouwen. Maar er komt zeker een mooie moestuin en fruitbomen. Plaats genoeg 😉

  3. A great harvest! We had 5 courgette plants & that was way too much for us too! 🙂 We gave away lots of them to friends & family. You also grew a lot, we too. We have had 5 different pumpkin plants & had a great harvest too. It was the 1st time that we had our won vegetable patch & have had a great harvest, almost everything grew great. 🙂 A lovely post! xxx

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