More than numbers

Thousands of eartags on a pile in a slaughterhouse. Of thousands of slaughtered animals. The photo tells more than words can ever express.

K49814, Atmen ohne Pause
K49814, Atmen ohne Pause

Individual animals, each with their own feelings and desires, but stripped of their personality. Anonymous. reduced to a number in the system. Objects.
Just in Belgium, 300 million animals are killed every year. 300 million times suffering, fear, pain. 300 million times a sentient subject’s life is abruptly and violently ended. Each day a pile of tags in every slaughterhouse in Belgium. In every slaughterhouse in Europe. Over the world. Day after day after day after day.

The sadness over such incredible amount of suffering could be paralysing. But the thought that change is possible is somewhat consoling and encouraging. The awareness that change is happening.
You too can stop this madness. Don’t participate.
Go Vegan.

The photo is from a photographer using the pseudonym “K49814” and part of a photo exhibit in Berlin “Atmen ohne Pause” (breathing without pause), with several other photos taken in slaughterhouses.

Ausstellung über slachttiere, Ding der Unmöglichkeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Killing statistics Belgium.

Deze post kan je hier in het Nederlands lezen.


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