A visit to shop Flourpower in de Artemeersmolen (mill), Poeke

Shop review #10 – In our search for vital wheat gluten (or gluten powder, to make our own seitan, more about that in another blogpost), we found Flourpower, a small shop inside the Artemeersmill at Poeke. Poeke is a rural village between Tielt and Aalter, 39 km from Bruges.

Artmeersmolen, Poeke
Artmeersmolen, Poeke

The shop has a great selection of flour mixtures, and some other bakery stuff.

Inside the shop, Flourpower
Inside the shop, Flourpower


This is what we bought:

  • groats of soy, 1kg, 2,35€
  • chocolate chips, 1kg, 7,30€
  • vital wheat gluten, 5kg, 13,70€
  • 10 grain meal, 1kg, 2,10€

Very happy to have found the gluten powder. I bought a 5kg bag, but they also have smaller amounts available.
I have no idea yet what I’m going to do with the soy groats, but I was so intrigued by this (and hadn’t seen it before in any shops), I just bought it. I’m sure I will found some good use for it. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
The 10 grain meal also mentions vitamine C and enzymes among the ingredients, and the shop owner confirmed they were resp. from citrus and wheat origin.

Chocolate chips, bread meal, and soy groat
soy groat 2,35€, bread meal 2,10€ and chocolate chips 7,30€
Vital wheat  gluten, 5kg
Vital wheat gluten, 5kg, 13,70€
vital wheat gluten
vital wheat gluten

We took a look upstairs to see the inside of the mill. The mill wasn’t operational that day, because there was a very strong wind. You can see some photos from the inside below.

Very glad to have found this shop, as it is not so easy to find gluten powder around here. I had previously bought organic vital wheat gluten in organic shop Biovita in Bruges (only available on special demand), but that was about 4times this price (+/- 50€ for 5kg, being organic).

Flourpower, location (39 km from Bruges)
Artemeersstraat 14A
9880 Poeke

here’s are some more photos from Flourpower and the Artmeersmolen:

Facts about the mill: built in 1810, stone mill, built on artificial hill. Till 1914 used for both canola oil as meal. Afterwards, only for meal. Renovated in 1975 and made operational again. Classified in 1986 for historical and industrial archeological value.



  1. I happen to live very close to that mill, I didn’t know they have vital wheat gluten. That’s amazing because $10 for a kilo (on vajra.be) is way too expensive for me!

    1. Yes, we were very happy with this discovery too! Have also bought 5kg organic gluten powder before at about the same price of 10€/kg, and that is indeed very steep!
      Thanks for stopping by on our blog Veerle 🙂

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