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Nice icecream and cookies at Fresco, Middelburg (NL)

shop review #42 – Fresco is an Italian icecream bar in the shopping street of Middelburg (in Zeeland, the Netherlands). We went here for dessert after our nice lunch at Stoom. Vegan options of icecream are standardly available, and they are indicated with red dots. Clever! Non-vegans who come up to the counter have no idea that they are actually ordering vegan icecream. They also sell vegan cookies! We had two icecreams: one with pistache and mango, the other with pumpkin, carrot, ginger and blueberry. Nice! And bought some cookies for our biking trip that afternoon back to Vlissingen, where we took the ferry back home. Fresco, location Langeviele 39 Middelburg the Netherlands +31 6 41180062 no website. Facebookpage See our list of shops, which may interest vegans.  

A visit to shop Flourpower in de Artemeersmolen (mill), Poeke

Shop review #10 – In our search for vital wheat gluten (or gluten powder, to make our own seitan, more about that in another blogpost), we found Flourpower, a small shop inside the Artemeersmill at Poeke. Poeke is a rural village between Tielt and Aalter, 39 km from Bruges. The shop has a great selection of flour mixtures, and some other bakery stuff.   This is what we bought: groats of soy, 1kg, 2,35€ chocolate chips, 1kg, 7,30€ vital wheat gluten, 5kg, 13,70€ 10 grain meal, 1kg, 2,10€ Very happy to have found the gluten powder. I bought a 5kg bag, but they also have smaller amounts available. I have no idea yet what I’m going to do with the soy groats, but I was so intrigued by this (and hadn’t seen it before in any shops), I just bought it. I’m sure I will found some good use for it. If you have any suggestions, let me know! The 10 grain meal also mentions vitamine C and enzymes among the ingredients, and the shop owner confirmed they …

On birds, CD’s and windmills in our vegetable garden

I love birds in the garden! I don’t mind sharing our produce from the vegetable garden with them, but I don’t want them to eat of all of the peas, lettuce, bean shoots, and other crops! Because of the risk of birds getting entangled, we’re no fans of bird netting. But I’ve found other ways to keep our vegetables safe. Put some windmills here and there (they sell these windmills in toy shops and shops at the beach, and also in some garden centers). Save your defect CD’s and DVD’s and hang plenty to dangle in the vegetable garden. The flickering lights apparently deter the birds. And when there’s a slight breeze, the somewhat 30 discs tickering away against the chesnut fence produce a relaxing and meditating atmosphere. Not 100%proof, but works good enough for us. And for the birds 🙂