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A look inside vegan shop V|edge in Ghent

Shop review #11 – V|edge is an all vegan shop in Ghent. It is located at the edge of the city center, near Sint-Annasquare. The concept store in Ghent is only open in the weekend, but you can also order online and have your shopping delivered at home. V|edge also delivers your shopping to delivery points in several cities, among which Bruges. Check their website for details. UPDATE: see below V|edge offers a variety of vegan products: vegan shoes, handbags, books, vegan cheeses, cookies, candy, energy bars, burgers, chocolate, and other goodies. It is a rather small shop, but they have many items that are otherwise no so easy to find in Belgium. We are not really into ‘meat or fish substitutes’ (the vegan scampis or burgers type of things). But because we hadn’t tasted Tofurky nor the sausages from File Roast yet, we bought some of those (the jury is still out on those, more about them later). Also some products from Gardein. We were very eager to try out the vegan cheese croquette’s from YASAI! V|edge’s homebrand though. Already tasted and much approved, …

Vegan cheese croquettes YASAI!

We recently ate vegan cheese croquettes from YASAI!. This is is a homebrand of vegan shop V|edge in Ghent (our blog with a look inside shop V|edge will follow shortly). V|edge also delivers your online shopping to a delivery point in Bruges, every couple of weeks. Check their website for details. Just fry these cheese croquettes for 5 to 6 minutes at 175° in a frying pot, and they are ready to serve. These were yummie! Will definitely be buying these cheese croquettes again!   bought at V|edge, January 2015 10 frozen croquettes (500g), 13,99€