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Nice icecream and cookies at Fresco, Middelburg (NL)

shop review #42 – Fresco is an Italian icecream bar in the shopping street of Middelburg (in Zeeland, the Netherlands). We went here for dessert after our nice lunch at Stoom. Vegan options of icecream are standardly available, and they are indicated with red dots. Clever! Non-vegans who come up to the counter have no idea that they are actually ordering vegan icecream. They also sell vegan cookies! We had two icecreams: one with pistache and mango, the other with pumpkin, carrot, ginger and blueberry. Nice! And bought some cookies for our biking trip that afternoon back to Vlissingen, where we took the ferry back home. Fresco, location Langeviele 39 Middelburg the Netherlands +31 6 41180062 no website. Facebookpage See our list of shops, which may interest vegans.  

#141 Nice lunch at station diner Stoom, Middelburg (NL)

Restaurant review #141 – Stoom is a restaurant next to the railway station of Middelburg, which is in Zeeland, the Netherlands. Zeeland is the closest Dutch province to  Bruges, and we went cycling in the area a couple of weeks ago, on a lovely Indian Summer day. To get at Middelburg, which is across the mouth of the river Schelde, we took the ferry from Breskens to Vlissingen, with our tandem (no cars on the ferry). I had seen Stoom mentionned in a vegan facekookgroup as a place with vegan options. Arriving at the station dinner, we were a bit hesitant to go in. From the outside, it did not look like they have many vegan options*, and we did not see a menu. From our experience with station diners in Belgium, serving only snacks, we could not imagine there would be any vegan options for lunch here! But we decided to check it out anyway. And so glad we did! What a pleasant surprise looking at the menu: several vegan options clearly mentioned! And not …