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#303 Traditional vegan dishes and dame blanche! Groenendijk Weert, Bornem

restaurant review #303 – Groenendijk Weert is a traditional restaurant/brasserie along the river Scheldt, in Weert/Bornem. There is a seperate vegan menu of the month with traditional vegan dishes like vegan vol au vent and vegan stew (stoverij). We had made a reservation this Summer on the Belgian national holiday (July 21) and that seemed really necessary. It was fully booked for lunch and several patrons were turned a way.

#60 Fast food lunch at the Loving Hut Veganerie, Leuven ***

Restaurant review #60 – The Loving Hut Veganerie is a new vegan place in Leuven (Louvain, close to Brussels) and part of the international chain of Loving Hut restaurants. It opened in 2015. There was already another Loving Hut restaurant in Louvain (just around the corner!), and next to those two Loving Hut restaurants, there is also the Viva Vega! Loving Hut Express, a fast food truck which you can encounter at festivals and other events (for example at Vegan Summer Fest or Fair Festival). UPDATE – see below Louvain has quite some options for vegans! The Loving Hut Veganerie is the third all vegan restaurant in town (the other ones are the first Loving Hut and Vegaverso), and is just around the corner from vegan shop SHAVT. Although the Veganerie it is not really a restaurant. The menu consists mainly of burgers and other typical fastfood things, and it is self service (you order at the counter, and after notification that your food is ready, you can go pick it up). Our photos and review is from two visits: in …