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#242 Vegan burgers at the beach, Jilles, Oostende

restaurant review #242  – Jilles Beer and Burgers is a Belgian chain with three restaurants: one in Bruges, Oostende and in Ghent. Since a couple of months, Jilles has a seperate vegan menu. Yeah! The menu lists four vegan burgers: all the same hazelnutburger, with different extras. We visited a couple of weeks ago, as we wanted to try the new vegan burger before going to a show in the neighbouring Kursaal. We sat on the terrace. And waited. And waited. And waited … It took about 25 minutes before a waiter came to simply give us a menu.

Vegan cake at Thee met een Verhaal, Ostend

Shop review #53 – Ostend may be self-labelled the ‘Queen of the Coastal Cities’ in Belgium (‘De Koningin der badsteden’), but it certainly doesn’t hit top of the list when it comes down to finding places that serve vegan food! A couple of weeks ago, I did discover a cosy little tea house in the city center, that serves vegan cake: Thee met een Verhaal (Tea with a Story).  Yeah, what a pleasant surprise! – Update – see below. Thee met een Verhaal serves tea (d’oh! 😉 ), and also has a similar tea house in Aarschot. They also have some cakes on offer (of which one at least is always vegan – cake or pie from Madam Bakster). That day it was with chocolate and peanuts. Served in a lovely antique cup with mathcing dish. Really enjoyed it! Service was very friendly too, and if you want to talk tea, this is definitely the place! Thee met een Verhaal is a cosy little place, near the Casino Kursaal. A great addition to Ostend! Thee …