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The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 by Kathryn Gillespie

The Cow with Ear tag #1389 gives a very good insight into the dairy industry. And also a short analysis in the last chapter on how the different oppressions are connected, and a critique of ethical consumerism (not enough to change the system). Very accessibly written ! (no academic jargon!). Glad I read it. 🐄🌿🐄🌿🐄🌿🐄🌿🐄🌿🐄 The Cow with Ear tag #1389, Kathryn Gillespie, University of Chicago Press (2018). 

Dairy: from yummie to yuk

dairy everywhere Up until a couple of years ago, I still ate dairy. Not so much a glass of milk (never liked that), but a lot of ‘processed’ milk. A sandwich with cheese. Mac & cheese. Pizza with cheese. Icecream with fruit and whipped cream. Yoghurt. I quite enjoyed it! Yummie! And there’s also a whole series of products of which you do not realise that they contain dairy. Milk (or whey or milkpowder) is included in a broad scala of food items, from bread to pizzadough, crisps to sauces, chocolates to cakes, soup and bread spreads. A couple of years ago, we went vegan. That means no animal products, so also no dairyproducts. You can read more about the reason’s why here. In a nutshell: for exactly the same reasons why I went vegetarian all those years ago: first and foremost for the animals. I also take note of the environmental aspect and the health reasons involved. Stolen mother’s milk I see dairy in a totally different light now. I see it as mother’s milk of cows, sheep …

About smoking doctors and milk indoctrination

Last week, several articles in Belgian and Dutch media reported about the positive effects of drinking (cow) milk. One of the main Belgian newspapers, De Standaard, had this headline ‘Professor debunks myth. Milk is required. Milk is good for you.’ (Prof ontkracht mythe, melk moet, melk doet je goed). These articles followed a press conference organised by the Belgian Confederation of the Dairy Industry, in which it wanted to invalidate several ‘myths’ about drinking milk. These ‘myths’ clearly referred to the statements of health organisations and animal rights organisations that milk is absolutely not necessary for humans. In recent times, scientific research has shown that milk is absolutely not necessary for healthy bones (on the contrary even, some studies lead to suggest that consumption of milk might enhance osteoporosis). We can get all nutrients found in cow’s milk, from plant based foods. Furthermore, a large part of the human population is even lactose intolerant. Humans do not need cow milk, just as they do not need camel milk, dog milk or elephant milk. Not to mention the negative impact of …