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Meat is murder as a ‘meaty’ song for Radio 1

At the start of the Campaign Days without Meat (Dagenzondervlees), in which participants engage to leave meat and fish of their plates as much as possible, Belgian Radio 1 sollicited meaty songs to air during their show Monschau. ‘To keep your diet in balance, Monschau is serving you lovely meaty songs’ it says on their website. Yes, really. We thought this was the perfect occasion to set Meat is murder, (The Smiths – with frontman Morrissey) in the spotlights and requested this song. ‘Meat is Murder’ is from 1985 (30 years old!), although onfortunately still very applicable to the present day situation. Love him or hate him (Morrissey), but it’s a classic. Apparently Radio 1 did play the song (although I wasn’t listening myself). In between the songs about sausages and pork ribs … Lyrics – Meat is murder  – The Smiths (1985) Heifer whines could be human cries Closer comes the screaming knife This beautiful creature must die This beautiful creature must die