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Tofu never screams! Handlettering for the animals

Nice handwritten posters or memes, with a great composition, witty slogans! One sees them everywhere, on a chalkboard outside a shop or restaurant, as online memes, on shopping bags or other merchanise. I saw a post on instagram from Silke who had received a handbook on handlettering as a present. I had no idea there are even books about it, and also facebookgroups, and then found loads of information online (well, in retrospect, of course there are books and Facebookgroups and workshops about it, like there are about just anything!). A couple of weeks ago, I ordered two books, some pens and paper, and tried some basics. I find it extremely relaxing and it clears my head. A great way to get rid of stress! So far I have made these, vegan inspired handlettered posters.Β I know there’s room for improvement (any constructive feedback appreciated πŸ˜‰ , but I hope to be learning along the way πŸ™‚