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Impressions from the photo exhibit ‘The Forgotten Animal’ in Bruges

Anyone who’s going from the station in Bruges to ‘t Zand in the coming week cannot miss this. There are about a dozen big bords with a photo on each side of a ‘forgotten’ animal in the food industry, with next to each photo a description of the fate of the animal. The photo exhibit is originally made by the Dutch organisations Varkens in Noodย (Pigs in distress) and Dier en Rechtย (Animal & Law) and we already saw it in Amsterdam in 2013 (see our impression on our Dutch blogย here). At that point, we wrote ‘Would this be possible on the Burg in Bruges or next to theย Saint-Baafscathedral in Ghent?’. And now the exhibition is actually in Belgium, and in Bruges even! Fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚ The exhibit uses the same images as the ones that were used in the Netherlands, but the texts are adapted to the Belgianย context. The Forgotten Animal is brought to Bruges by a cooperation of different organisations*, and can be seen for a week in theย Albertpark. ย 

Vegan baking for the Vegan Challenge

I haven’t posted many entries on The Bruges Veganย lately, because I was busy posting a series a vegan baking recipes on our other blog Inย April 2015, I posted a vegan baking recipe daily, to matchย the Vegan Challenge (a campagne of the Dutch organisation NVV). So all in all 30 recipes for pies, cookies and muffins! We’ve been vegan for quite some years now, and I’ve baked many goodies in that time, so I thought it would be a good occasion to show newbie vegans or those trying a vegan lifestyle that baking pies, cupcakes and cookies without animal ingredients is … easy as pie!ย ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the recipes were already posted on the Bruges Vegan, and some other are favourites of mine or recipes which I consider to be good introductions into the world of vegan baking. You can see the overview of allย recipes in this blogentry on Here are some more pictures.       I’ll be posting some of the vegan baking recipesย here too in the upcoming months!

About smoking doctors and milk indoctrination

Last week, several articles in Belgian and Dutch media reported about the positive effects of drinking (cow) milk. One of the main Belgian newspapers, De Standaard, had this headline ‘Professor debunks myth. Milk is required. Milk is good for you.’ (Prof ontkracht mythe, melk moet, melk doet je goed). These articles followed a press conference organised by the Belgian Confederation of the Dairy Industry, in which itย wanted to invalidate several ‘myths’ about drinking milk. These ‘myths’ clearly referred to the statementsย of health organisations and animal rights organisations that milk is absolutely not necessary for humans. In recent times, scientific researchย has shown that milk is absolutely not necessary for healthy bones (on the contrary even, some studies lead to suggest that consumption of milk might enhance osteoporosis). We can getย all nutrients found in cow’s milk, from plant based foods. Furthermore, a large part of the humanย population is even lactose intolerant. Humans do not need cow milk, just as they do not need camel milk, dog milk or elephant milk. Not to mention the negative impact of …

Meat is murder as a ‘meaty’ song for Radio 1

At the start of the Campaign Days without Meat (Dagenzondervlees), in which participants engage to leave meat and fish of their plates as much as possible, Belgian Radio 1 sollicited meaty songs to air during their show Monschau. ‘To keep your diet in balance, Monschau is serving you lovely meaty songs’ย it says on their website. Yes, really. We thought this was the perfect occasion to set Meat is murder, (The Smiths – with frontman Morrissey) in theย spotlights and requested this song. ‘Meat is Murder’ is from 1985 (30 years old!), although onfortunately still very applicable to the present day situation.ย Love him or hate him (Morrissey), but it’s a classic. Apparently Radio 1 did play the song (although I wasn’t listening myself). In between the songs about sausages and pork ribs … Lyricsย –ย Meat is murder ย – The Smiths (1985) Heifer whines could be human cries Closer comes the screaming knife This beautiful creature must die This beautiful creature must die