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A look inside organic shop Biodésir, Lisieux (Fr)

Shop review #40 – Biodesir in Lisieux (Normandy, France) is an organic shop at the edge of the city. It is a reasonably sized store, with lots of parking place in front.

Biodésir, Lisieux (Fr)

Biodésir, Lisieux (Fr)

Biodésir, Lisieux (Fr)

We were on holiday in Normandy for a couple of days in June, and we stopped here to buy some bread spreads and crackers for our lunch. I wish we could have bought more products (especially from the cooled section), because there were many products that were ‘new’ to us, and not available in Belgian stores. But since it was also extremely hot during our holiday in Normandy (around 38°) we would not have been able to preserve them till we got home.

Please note that it is not a vegan shop, so not all the products on the photos are necessarily vegan. The shop does sell a lot of vegan items that are not so easily found in ‘regular’ shops in France (vegan yoghurt, tempeh, plant based drinks, vegan cheeze, …).

Here are some more photos from inside Biodésir, and some vegan products:


Biodésir Lisieux, location

Route de Paris,
rue Georges DUVAL,
14100 Lisieux, France
+33 2 31 61 42 61


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lunch with products bought at Biodésir , Lisieux

sign with beaches of Normandy, at cemetary Colleville sur mer

town square, somewhere in Normandy

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