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Everything you need for home cooking, brewing and preserving: BMSwijndepot, Kuurne

Shop review #31 – I had been looking for creme of tartar* for quite a while, to use for vegan baking. One of the comments in a facebook group led me to this shop near Kortrijk (Courtrai). As we had planned a trip to Kortrijk, during which I also wanted to check out the vegan goodies at Bakery Filip in Kuurne (see this blogpost), we stopped in BMS Wijndepot in Kuurne on our way back home. The shop is 49 km from Bruges.


BMSWijndepot, Kuurne


BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

BMS Wijndepot is a store packed with materials and ingredients for home cooking, brewing and preserving. What a discovery!
Bottles in all shapes and sizes, lids to seal jars and bottles, ingredients to make your own wine (also vegan fining agents like betoniet), cannin jars, corks, herbs, extracts and essences, … And also the equipment to do your own brewing, canning and bottling (and more). 

Here are some more photos which give you an idea of the store. Note that not all the items pictured in the photos are necessarily vegan, as it is not a vegan store.

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I asked for the cream of tartar and the lady of the store quickly showed me where it was. There were no smaller packages in the shelves anymore (only 1kg, which is a bit too much), but she kindly proposed to weigh a new bag for me with 250g. Great!  

*Cream of tartar Is often used in recipes in combination with aquafaba (the magic bean water, or brine of chickpeas, which when whipped acts as a prefect egg-replacer!). It is also used a lot in this cookbook: Aquafaba: Sweet and Savory recipes made egg-free with the magic of bean water.

Oh, and the madeleines turned out great. Glad I’m now able to try a lot of the other recipes in this cookbook too 🙂

vegan madeleines, recipe ffrom The Aquafaba Cookbook

vegan madeleines, recipe from The Aquafaba Cookbook

BMS Wijndepot, location
Brugsesteenweg 313-317
8520 Kuurne


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BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

pastamachine BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

My guess is this has something to do with grapes … BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

BMSWijndepot, Kuurne

BMSWijndepot, Kuurne


  1. Interesting book! Is there any information on how to make an aquafabra?! I don’t like to buy canned chickpeas…

  2. Travelling Vegan Mystic says

    I am really curious to know who first discovered chickpea water can make meringues etc. It is delicious!

    • The history of the ‘discovery’ of aquafaba is also described in the Aquafaba book. In 2014 a French chef Joël Roessel discovered that the brine of chickpeas could be whipped into foam, which was then applied in a recipe for choclate mousse. A couple of months later, that inspired American Goose Wohlt, to make vegan meringues with it.

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