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Thanks friends, for a lovely vegan dinner!

We were invited to dinner at friends recently. They are not vegan, but do not mind making us a lovely vegan menu.
We’ve been there several times over the years, and it has always been a real treat. Not only the food in itself, but also the way they take the task of preparing a vegan meal seriously, and making sure there are no animal products in the dishes. Yes, even non-vegans can cook vegan 🙂

In the week leading to the dinner party, I received several facebook messages and e-mails from my friend, with queries about products and ingredients (even with photos of the list of ingredient included!). About the soy sauce, the curry paste, the oil for frying, the bouillon, and other things.  And I really don’t mind those questions, on the contrary! I always reply to a dinner invitation that I am more than happy to provide information about ingredients or products if they have any doubts or want to check with us to be sure. Rather they are open and honest about it, than just guess and knowingly or unknowingly include some non-vegan things.

The best thing is, they also enjoyed the vegan menu. Maybe who knows, some vegan seeds are planted. At least they don’t have the stereotypical idea that vegans eat lettuce and tomatoes (we do, but a little bit more than that 😉

Thank you friends, it was delicious 🙂

Here is what we were served. It was a Thai inspired evening!

spring rolls

spring rolls with lettuce leaves and peanut dipping sauce, virgin mohitos

spring rolls with lettuce leaves and peanut dipping sauce

spring rolls with lettuce leaves and peanut dipping sauce, casave crisps


baked thai corn fritters with a tomato dipping sauce

Thai soup

Coconut soup

Pineapple with curry

Pineapple bowl with noodles and curry

Chocolate cake with pineapple

Chocolate cake with pineapple

Liche with mango and rice

Liche with mango and sticky rice

Vegan cake mix to the rescue. It was the first time we tried this an it is really good!

Vegan cake mix. It was the first time we tried this and it is really good!

The dishes were based on recipes found on these sites:


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