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A look inside vegan shop V|edge in Ghent

Shop review #11 – V|edge is an all vegan shop in Ghent. It is located at the edge of the city center, near Sint-Annasquare. The concept store in Ghent is only open in the weekend, but you can also order online and have your shopping delivered at home. V|edge also delivers your shopping to delivery points in several cities, among which Bruges. Check their website for details. UPDATE: see below V|edge offers a variety of vegan products: vegan shoes, handbags, books, vegan cheeses, cookies, candy, energy bars, burgers, chocolate, and other goodies. It is a rather small shop, but they have many items that are otherwise no so easy to find in Belgium. We are not really into ‘meat or fish substitutes’ (the vegan scampis or burgers type of things). But because we hadn’t tasted Tofurky nor the sausages from File Roast yet, we bought some of those (the jury is still out on those, more about them later). Also some products from Gardein. We were very eager to try out the vegan cheese croquette’s from YASAI! V|edge’s homebrand though. Already tasted and much approved, …

Vegan cheese croquettes YASAI!

We recently ate vegan cheese croquettes from YASAI!. This is is a homebrand of vegan shop V|edge in Ghent (our blog with a look inside shop V|edge will follow shortly). V|edge also delivers your online shopping to a delivery point in Bruges, every couple of weeks. Check their website for details. Just fry these cheese croquettes for 5 to 6 minutes at 175° in a frying pot, and they are ready to serve. These were yummie! Will definitely be buying these cheese croquettes again!   bought at V|edge, January 2015 10 frozen croquettes (500g), 13,99€

New T-shirt: in seitan we trust!

In seitan we trust! A T-shirt from the church of seitan 😀 I bought this T-shirt at V|edge, the all vegan shop in Ghent (review of the shop will follow on our blog soon). V|edge also has delivery points in other Belgian cities, among which Bruges (delivery of online command every two weeks). T-shirt, In seitan we trust 100% Organic Cotton bought at V|edge, 36,99€  

Our blog The Bruges Vegan is one year old!

A year ago, between Christmas and New Year at the end of 2013 we started this blog The Bruges Vegan. Wow, already a year, it’s a cliché, but yes, time flies. – – Since the start at the end of 2013, we published 72 blogposts. Nearly half of those posts are restaurant reviews. Wow! Didn’t think that in one year time I would have written 32 restaurant reviews! I hope to write at least as many in 2015, cause that means we would discover lost of new places to eat out! 🙂 Luckily our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in Bruges and around Bruges is still growing, and we are gradually adding new entries (suggestions are always welcome!). – We got to meet many other (vegan) bloggers, from all around the world! A great community, so much things to discover, so many recipes to try! I also found many lovely blogposts showing tourists’ impressions from their visit to Bruges. It’s nice to discover the city through the lens of visitors. We also get positive feedback from visitors through e-mails, telling us they found our …

Shop SHAVT, Leuven (Simply Healthy And Vegan Things)

Shop review #8 – SHAVT is a new vegan shop in Leuven. SHAVT is the acronym for “Simply Healthy And Vegan Things“. It’s located in the city center of Leuven/Louvain, and opened in 2014. Leuven is a university city near Brussels (30km) and about 130 km from Bruges. UPDATE 2017: see below! The Loving Hut (vegan restaurant part of a worldwide chain) is just across the street and newly open vegan sandwich bar Vegaverso is just around the corner (see our blog). Being so close to one another, these 3 places are easy to combine on a visit to Leuven. I think SHAVT is currently only one of three all vegan shops in Belgium (the others being Vedge in Ghent and Veggieshop in Ostend, see our review). Not taking into account some grocery shops who only sell fruits and vegetables that is. It’s a small shop (not supermarket style), but has a large variety of vegan items nonetheless: from ice cream to body and care products, chocolate to cleaning products. Owner Kobe has made quite a name for himself with his homemade vegan cheeses! And we were very eager to …