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#9 Restaurant Réliva (2), Bruges ****

Restaurant review #9 – Restaurant Réliva is – so far as we know – the only restaurant in Bruges which has a vegan 3-course menu standardly available. It is not a vegan restaurant, but vegan is always on offer, and besides the 3-course vegan menu, there is sometimes also another vegan suggestion. We already visited Réliva in the Summer of 2013 (see our previous review here). And we liked it! (see edit below) We recently went again for lunch (February 2014). We were there first, but the place soon filled up and was nearly full for lunch. So we suggest you definitely make a reservation (we overheard the waitress telling some other people it was already fully booked for dinner that night). Both of the main courses of the ‘veggie’ menu were vegan so we could each have something different. We got a little appetizer of mushroom creme and basil with our drinks. And some bread and olive oil. This was our 3-course menu (35€): Pumpkin chestnut soup (organic) with some brandy and liquorice * Lasagne …

13 Foods that’ll make you want to visit Belgium, but not if you’re vegan!

This overview of 13 typical Belgian foods appeared in The Huffington Post recently. They are listed as thé tourist attraction and appealing feature to come and visit Belgium: the food! Although the Huffington Post has spent a good deal of attention to the rise of veganism in the US (see this overview with keyword vegan), it’s obvious the author of this article clearly wasn’t thinking about the growing popularity of plant based foods or veganism in general. Let’s take a closer look at these 13 typical Belgian foods, and see whether there’s something for vegans in there. 1. Endives in slices of ham, covered in cheese sauce. You could try and veganise the dish, but it’ll take quite some years to come before any traditional restaurant will standardly have a vegan version of this dish on their menu! 2. Mussles with fries. Nope. Mussles are animals. I don’t now if ‘faux vegan mussles’ even exist, but I wouldn’t fancy them anyway! 3. Belgian waffles. Dairy and eggs. Of course you make these vegan yourselves, but …

Birthday treats: vegan muffins

We made these vegan muffins to take along to the office and treat the colleagues for my birthday! blueberry lemon muffins (from The Joy of Vegan Baking) chocolate muffins (from Vegan Cupcakes take over the World) almond apricot muffins (adapted from Vegan Cupcakes take over the World)