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The Bruges Vegan in other media

the Bruges Vegan gets around … 2017 Fellow blogger Ned from The Way of the Squirrel, interviewed Trudi! About why I started blogging, my interest in music, why I like Animal of the Muppets 😉 and much more. Read the interview HERE. 2015 Fiekefatjerietjes We had Sofie and her friend over for dinner, and she blogged about it here: Gemberkoekjes Vegan Wanderlust Vegan Foodphotos from every country Traipsing about Chelsea and Dakopta are travelling with their bike through Europe and spent some time with us. Cycling through Belgium. beyond Beer and chocolate. 2014 Nomadic Notes Bruges Travel Guide – Food Travel Guide – Vegan Food in Bruges Discovering Belgium Guestblog – Vegan dining in Belgium Barnivore new entry in vegan wine database – Chateau de Brau Brugs Alternatief Forum Nieuwe blog wil veganisten wegwijs maken in Brugge