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Interview with The Vegan Rainbow Project

The Vegan Rainbow Project is a project from Daniela and India, and wants to draw attention to and explore interconnections of oppression and enhance visibility for vegan living minorities, whilst at the same time joining forces to work towards liberation for all beings. I did an interview a couple of weeks ago, In December 2018. You can find it here. Why we need to talk about ableism, ageism and speciesism. Interview with Geertrui Cazaux.

Vegan eating out in Ostend

Food’ Oostende, the culinairy department of the tourist office of Ostend (visitOostende), asked me to list some restaurants in Ostend, where vegans are welcome. So here is a shortlist with places with vegan options (or offering vegan on request), on their website. If you want to read reviews of places I have visited in Ostend (restaurants, shops, …) see this #tag on my blog vegan Oostende . For a more extensive list of places in Ostend (and other places in Belgium and beyond, see the list on my blog: restaurants outside Bruges

New Platform: Crip HumAnimal: about ableism and speciesism

I have created a new space Crip HumAnimal, to specifically address the interconnections between ableism and speciesism. A place to highlight stories of disabled vegans, a place to address the ableism in the vegan and animal rights movement. Some of the topics that I want to address on Crip HumAnimal are mentionned here. Where you can also find an explanation on why I choose the name Crip HumAnimal. Any help with spreading the word is really appreciated. Also, if you have any recommendations, input, suggestions, I’d love to hear! website: facebookpage:

Some changes on the blog: about me, google map and new lay out

Up till now, I’ve been writing this blog more or less anonymously (the same for my other blog in Dutch, Graswortels). It felt more important to me to have a digital platform were I could lay ‘my vegan egg’ (it’s a Dutch expression, I don’t know whether this translates well in English 😉 ) to have a place where I could drop some ideas, without having to be in the picture myself. But I realise that people want to know something about the person who is writing the blog. To be able to place it in a context, to be able to put a face to it. A blog is of course a personal story, my thoughts and considerations about issues related to veganism and animal rights, so it is interesting to know whose mind those considerations have sprung from.   So I have decided to take the plunge, and a couple of weeks ago, I have added some information about myself. Since I have also made some vlogs, and my face is now linked to the …

Take a look around! Adding travel snapshots to reviews

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to add snapshots of the surroundings to blogposts. So whenever I publish a post with a review of a shop or restaurant, there are now not only photos of the restaurant, but also one or two photos, or even a short video, of the area. A city view, a particular monument, or a spectacular landscape. It gives you an idea of the surroundings (albeit just a glimp), and some of the things we have spotted during our visit to that city or area. And for me it’s also a way of documenting some memories from that particular city trip or visit! Here are some of the pics that were included in recent reviews. Some link to Instagram. View this post on Instagram Biking around Louvain #tandem #castle 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴 #biking #cycling #louvain #leuven #vegancyclist #whatvegansdo #whatspooniesdo #kasteel #castle #kasteelvanarenberg #multicycle #multicycletandem #tandembike #fietsen #duobike A post shared by trudi_brugesvegan (@trudi_brugesvegan) on Sep 5, 2017 at 11:15am PDT View this post on Instagram Biking in Paris 🗼 #paris #tandem #tandembike …

Interview with Trudi

A couple of months ago, Ned from The Way of the Squirrel Books posted a call to other bloggers to do an interview. I had seen such calls for interviews before on other blogs, but had never actually done one of them. I was contemplating on editing the ‘about’ section on my blog anyway, but then thought this was also a great way of introducing readers with the person behind the blog. A good opportunity to share some insights into why I started blogging, some general thoughts on veganism (keeping in mind it is also an opportunity to reach people who may have never heard of veganism) and just some more general personal stuff. Ned sent me some questions, which I replied to, and he then edited it. It was fun doing, and thanks again Ned, for the opportunity! 🙂 The original post is up here on Ned’s blog, The Way of the Squirrel books, reposted here with permission. INTERVIEW: MEET AND GREET MONDAY – BLOGGER: BRUGESVEGAN Well, here we are again.  Another Monday and another …

GIVEAWAY! 3 year blog anniversary and 100 resto reviews

Three years ago, at the end of 2013 between Christmas and New Year, I started The Bruges Vegan Blog. I had already been blogging in Dutch on Graswortels (previously called Veggieleven), but decided to start an English blog to share restaurant reviews and other things vegan related with people from around the world. 3 YEAR BLOG OVERVIEW In those three years, I have published 231 posts on The Bruges Vegan. A lot of those posts are restaurant reviews. But there are also other posts about our garden, homemade meals in our kitchen, reviews from events like vegan festivals or lectures, and some posts about animal rights. The posts about Remembrance day (Armistice day, but not for the animals and The animal do not want our medals and statues) were shared more than thousands of times. I also posted some shop review (30 posts) and posts about vegan products like vegan caviar or Danish pastry. It is rather a coincidence that the 3 year blog-anniversary coincides with the milestone of 100 restaurant reviews (number 100 is published after this post). That …

I’m now also on Instagram!

I finally made an account on Instagram! I will mostly be posting photos of vegan products, impressions of restaurant visits, things I see on the road, pictures from my garden and of course photos from in my kitchen. I’ll still be posting reviews and other thoughts on my blog of course, either here or on our Dutch blog (or sometimes on both). My account is trudi_brugesvegan Are you on instagram? Let me know! Do you have any tips about instagram (which hashtags to use, etc), please tell me, as I am a total newbie 😉

50 posts and a new profile pic!

Wow. Time flies. We’ve posted 50 blogposts on The Bruges Vegan already! So decided it was time for a new profile pic. It’s the back of a T-shirt, from this shop: Freeandwild. I bought it at the vegan music festival Ieperfest (15€) some weeks ago, see our blog. I hope I still will get a chance to show it live this Summer! If only the sun would come out of hiding!