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#338 Lovely take away and catering from Yasai, Ghent

restaurant review #338 – Yasai is a vegan catering business from Ghent. We had ordered a take away menu for Valentine’s day, and Yasai did the catering for a party my husband and I organised earlier this year. So Yasai also does catering on location outside of Ghent. Technically this is not a restaurant review, but I’m posting it in that category anyway 😉 The Valentine’s take away menu:

100+ vegan burgers for International Hamburger Day!

As International Hamburger Day or World Vegan Burger Day was coming up, I thought of making a compilation of some of the vegan burgers we have eaten over the years to celebrate! Yes, #veganseatburgerstoo ! I hoped I would find a handful of vegan burgers for this post … turns out, I found 100 burgers! 🙂 And no, we don’t eat this every day 😉 I went back to posts from the beginning years of this blog, back to 2014! There are burgers from restaurants and food stalls in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria. And a handful of homemade burgers too. The photos are just in random order, and with a link to the review of the restaurant or the event. There you can read whether we liked them or not 😉 I took all of these photos myself, but got some help from my husband in eating them 😉

#289 Gastronomic festive take away menu from ‘t Vijfde Seizoen (3), Aalter

restaurant review #289 – ‘t Vijfde Seizoen is a gastronomic restaurant in Aalter (between Bruges and Ghent). This literally translates as ‘the fifth season’. In ‘normal’ (non lockdown) times, there is always a vegetarian menu standardly available, which can be veganised upon request (it’s advised to ask it in advance).I already posted two reviews of respective visits to ‘t Vijfde Seizoen here.

About the smallest room of the restaurant!

Readers who have been following this blog, or who have read some of our restaurant reviews, will have noticed a peculiarity that we try to include in our restaurant reviews. We post pics of the food, the interior, we write about how we were welcomed, the service, and the atmosphere, and …. we also try to include a photo of the smallest room of the restaurant. Well, mostly the toilet or restroom is the smallest room of the restaurant, although we have also encountered some where you could almost park a car 😉 ‘Why are there photos of toilets in some of your restaurant reviews?’ A restaurant experience is formed by many things. First, and foremost, the food of course, but there are many other factors  that shape our impression: comfort, tidyness, service, attitude, location, accessibility, choice of vegan options, presence of non-vegan items, etc. And yes, also the state of the toilets or restrooms. Hygiene is of course important in a setting that serves food to clients. How clean a toilet is (or not) might be …

Vegans not welcome!

Yes, they do exist. Restaurants that do not want to prepare a vegan menu. I have yet to encounter a sign on a restaurant’s door that explicitly says so, but there are certainly chefs and many in the catering bussiness who share this view. Over the years, I have contacted dozens of restaurants with the question if they can make us a vegan menu. I have had many positive replies, but onfortunately also many restaurants letting me know they cannot or will not make a vegan menu. Sometimes it’s just a straightforward and simple ‘no we don’t do that‘. Sometimes they add some explanation like ‘it’s not our specialty‘, ‘we don’t work with such products‘ or ‘we don’t think we can give you a satisfying culinary experience‘ or even ‘because it requires a total reorganisation of our kitchen‘. Sometimes they even refer me to vegan friendly places in town. I appreciate restaurants taking the time to reply to my request, even if they answer they cannot or will not provide a vegan menu. Rather they are honest about it, than …