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#200 Nice dinner at vegetarian resto De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges (2)

restaurant review #200 – Wow, time flies! When I started this blog at the end of 2013, I could never have imagined that I would one day publish restaurant review number 200 🙂  In those five years, the vegan scene in Bruges and Flanders and Belgium, has changed quite a lot! While there were only a handful of restaurants that served vegan options in 2013, the list with places in Bruges where one can now enjoy a vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner is steadily growing (list outside Bruges, see here).  There’s of course still a lot of progress to be made, and many places remain very traditional and oldskool, but still, there is change and hope!

Green frame, Black letter, under the text a fork crosses a brown branche with green leaves

Sign outside of De Brugsche Tafel: The future of food is here

Restaurant De Brugsche Tafel, in the city center is a great example of that evolution. This traditional family restaurant, run by Pol and Charlotte, used to serve the local classics: stew, mussles, steak. At the end of 2017 they added some vegan options to the menu. And only a couple of months later, in June 2018, the restaurant went vegetarian, with most of the options on the menu being vegan.

Love it!

Front of De Brugsche Tafel, small terrace, Bruges

interior, De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges

So the menu has changed greatly since our last visit in the fall of 2017, when there were only had a handful of vegan dishes. For drinks they now have an extensive list with fresh juices, and still also a nice variety of local beers.
This is from a visit in June:

menu, De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges

juices, De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges

drinks: juice 6€ and beer (can’t remember which one) 3,50€, the Brugsche Tafel, Bruges

This is what we had for dinner: bruchettas with mushrooms and with avocado as appetizers, lasagne and the chef’s stew with kumbu for main dishes.

bruchetta with avocado (9€), De Brugsche Tafel, Brugge

bruchetta with mushrooms (8€), De Brugsche Tafel, Brugge

Lasagne (18€), De Brugsche Tafel, Brugge

the chef’s stew (18€), De Brugsche Tafel, Brugge

The food was very nice and served on nice old style plates.  Prices have gone up since our previous visit (main dishes now around 18€). But we very much prefer this real homemade and freshly prepared food, than the microwaved – and often overpriced – store bought burgers that are served at some restaurants.

Unfortunately there was no dessert available that evening. They are looking and experimenting with vegan desserts and meanwhile I have seen posts appear on social media of vegan waffles, so we definitely want to try those on a next visit!

Toilet is in the back. Everything is on ground floor and there’s a stepfree entrance. Toilet is accessible, although – as it is a rather small restaurant – it might be a bit of hassle to maneuver there with a wheelchair (note: no side bars). Pic of toilet is inluded in my previous review.

vegan candy, De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges

Note: there is no pin machine at the Brugsche Tafel, only cash.  And nice attention to detail, there was vegan candy with the check.

All in all: great homemade food, friendly service. So glad De Brugsche tafel ditched the meat and mussles, and hope they will go vegan all the way 🙂

Bierbrasserie De Brugsche Tafellocation
8000 Brugge / Bruges

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See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

main dishes at De BrugscheTafel, Bruges

Pic from this Summer: The Skyscraper

Central Market, Bruges


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